Imagine hating homeless people so much u find ways to make their lives shittier instead of providing them with the resources they need

and unfortunately this isn’t the first time people have did things against poor people…


“hostile architecture” is one of those things that sounds like it should be awesome from the name

and then you find out what it actually means and are filled with violent nausea

Destroying Hostile Architecture is an act of human decency

There was a bridge where i went to school, under which homeless people hung out a lot. Where I met this guy Bill. This guy who’d been fired from his job as an air traffic controller for testing positive for weed, whose wide had left him and taken everything. We sat there talking for like hours and he shared his vodka with me and offered me a smoke even though he had next to nothing.

And i come back to visit a year later and the motherfuckers have cemented fucking jagged rocks to all the support structures so nobody can sit on them i was fucking livid i hate this shit so much this man had the clothes on his back, a plastic bottle of booze, and a pack of cigarettes, and a place to rest. That’s it. That’s all he had and he still had the kindness and generosity to share what little he had with me, someone who didn’t need it at all

You know what come to think of it, i haven’t met a single homeless person who hasn’t at least offered me a cigarette or something when i’ve talked to them and you sons of bitches won’t even let them have a place to sit down for 5 fucking minutes

If you see this shit and you’re physically able, break it. Get rid of it. Put a mattress over those spikes between pillars

Anyone who thinks homeless people are a nuisance or an inconvenience should have every single thing that they own and hold dear removed from them for at least a year and see how they fucking like it!

like, instead of wasting money to build these horrific sharp anti-homeless crap, how about they donate it to shelters instead??? 

Like this is just to keep up ~aesthetics~ instead of putting human life first

Why don’t we begin a campaign to sue any town that creates physically harmful architecture as discriminatory and indifferent to human life? To me, it seems as if hostile architecture is hostile to all. Perhaps we ought to take that to heart and you know…fall a bit. Perhaps people will think twice about putting down spikes if someone “worthwhile” is injured. Where are the legal groups willing to do probono suits on behalf of the homeless who are being discriminated against by systematic restructuring of their only available sleeping premises?

Lawsuits over damage to “normal” people or potential damage was the first thing that came to mind for me, too (because it really IS a massive safety hazard on top of being downright evil), which makes me sad because I can guarantee you it’s the only thing that would actually work.

Yes, that was my thought too.

In the 1800′s during some o the worst poverty, the anti-sleeping laws were so astringent that the homeless would sleep walk by linking arms and stumbling along. There were workhouses, and they had appalling conditions. I am loathe to think we could return to that, but I see the path already laying down

I can’t with this, I mean. Why would you even do this? Why this hate for homeless people?

It is one part aversion to “contagion” and one part aversion to reminders of mortality and suffering.

Humans have an instinct that tells them anything that induces suffering might be contagious. They disdain of it and exile it, push those afflicted away and ignore them. It is an understandable response, but it is only a tenable response if one lacks self control and a sense of decency.

The character and honor of some men is so thin as to be an outer skin only, that others may comment upon only as a descriptor, because it holds no actually fortitude or function. It protects a man from the world instead of strengthening him against the things he should fight.

This is something good people should avoid – that virtue which is only skin deep.

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