Can someone please give me a source so I can prove this person (green name) wrong? @simonalkenmayer, perhaps? I’m in need of a little help

A basic education in brain structure? Barring that, I’d like to say that of course a man would assume men are more rational. He offers no proof, when the burden is on him. This is of course ironic, as a rational person wants proof and displays this proof in an ordered way, as you are attempting to do. Therefore, it is an argument that cannot be won, as he is not interested in actually debating. Leave the chat by referring this person to ANY text book.

I could expound upon this at length, but the simple fact is, it does not matter. Women have many things that seem to be more specific to them, that are usually evolutionarily tied to childrearing in a hostile environment. Which of course means, hand eye coordination, certain types of spacial awareness, empathy, recognition, and yes, logic, as they had to build the mind of their offspring, manage that atop whatever else they were up to, and also the challenges of living. Women tend to be systematic about things and have excellent engineering and mechanical intelligence.

What they lack is equal treatment, fair perception, a real grasp of their skills, and the shunning of myth in favor of the proof of their actions.

Leave the conversation. This person is trying to get a rise.

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