Ummm… I’m pretty sure this is romantic. If he was following her around or doing this in front of her door it’s creepy, but a guy doing something that hurts literally no one to try to romance a woman is not a creep. You are just hyper sensitive.

??? Men literally do these things publicly to make women feel pressured to respond the way they want.

You know what is actually romantic?? Respecting boundaries and choices.

If he fucking HAD to do some stunt, he could of at least kept it between him and her, not turned it into a public spectacle so she would be forced to respond or be labeled a cold bitch for holding her ground.

4 months they were together.

He got punched in the side of the head and told to stop being a fucking stalker. This isn’t romantic at all. It’s controlling, manipulative and evil. He was embarrassing a woman he dated for 4 months, stalking her, ruining her life. He was and is a totally pathetically creeper

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