Only fifty bucks for these rambunctious gals.

31 bids

Well, you had to know the world had at least 31 idiots or 31 scientists in it.At least 31 who are both.

What about those who just collect porcelain dolls and want to add this unique duo to their collection?

You might as well finish that statement with “…who want to be murdered in their sleep by objects who move on their own.”

You do know I am joking. I thought my antique collection was enough to assure that.

I know your joking. But I’d totally own these dolls! Not because I think they’re possessed, but because they’re pretty and at I’d pull out the back story just for house guests that had to share a room with them.

You see? We found one of the 31 right here! I knew there wee at least 31.

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