i’ve been told a lot of wild stuff by medical professionals but by far the one that takes the cake is the time I went in for my first pulmonary functions test since I was 7 and I was like “hey my asthma has gotten totally unmanageable & im using my inhaler like three times a day and my doctor back home said I should use it like once a week so I needed to come a see a specialist”

and he was like “right of course okay” and I did the test and he was like “well first of all, you don’t have asthma.”

Which was a surprise since I was having, you know, daily asthma attacks.

So I asked him what was causing my asthma like symptoms and why my rescue inhaler helped and I was like really worried he was about to tell me I had some intense lung disease and he said

“I don’t know why it helps. You just, don’t have asthma. You don’t need your inhaler.”

Which was news to me since it always seemed very much like I was going to die without it any time I needed my inhaler.

So I left in tears with no answer and saw another doctor and he was like “what the fuck of course you have asthma???? Don’t???? Stop using??? Your RESCUE INHALER?? ? ? ?”

He probably didn’t see evidence of the inflammation triggered, and so did what many doctors do.

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