A Beauty Princess Mathematician!

God I love this child. I took like 50 videos of her while she did her homework.

Go to the used book store, buy a study guide for the SAT and GRE that contains the lists of Greek and Latin prefixes, suffixes, and root words. Quiz her on them as you do Spanish. Then watch her comprehend what “sub-tract-ion” means and be able to spell it perfectly. She’s old enough. Before long you’ll have a mathematician, a linguist, and still be a darling little princess.

She is very cute in her glasses.

I could probably find the list online. Hmm…

I passed on the compliment. She says she is mad at me because I won’t let her pile my bed with toys. Apparently it’s hard to take compliments when your “feelings are hurt”.

Tell her I said to bring a blanket from her room, lay it out on your bed, pile the toys on them, and then when you want them gone, gather them up in the. blanket and carry them off.

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