“If you have to ask, then you probably shouldn’t be here.” What does this mean? Did I mess up? I asked because I’m extremely fucking afraid of people who do support pedophiles, because apparently there’s… A certain community on Tumblr that do. I don’t know if you’ve heard about it. I fucking hate it. But I probably have forgotten what you have said in the past, probably a few months worth of information, if you do not… Shit, I’m sorry. Fuck. Sorry. I am so sorry. Also sorry I’m rambling(?).

I think perhaps you ought to read my books. I think you will find that I do not support anyone that feels they have the right to dispense with others as they see fit. In any fashion.

My Permanent House Guest and my best friend were both molested. Many of my readers were. Contemplating such things churns a deep and instinctual rage within me and results in a great deal of blood.

I apologize for my earlier terse remark. I am accustomed to receiving all manner of taunts and disgusting comments, and was concerned yours was meant to be sardonic, that you were in fact one such person or a person who was trying to trap me into saying something that could be warped into a disgusting shape.

I meant no offense, but the statement still stands. I prove who and what I am through my words and actions here. If you spend any time here, you will know me, and you will know what is and is not tolerated.

This blog is a safe place.

So I gave a parental guardian 10 bucks, and they turned around and stole 50 bucks from me. They claim I should be grateful to be given the opportunity to contribute, and that it’s payment for being cared for. I’ve used the advice in the long response you made to that anon. It is very helpful. I’m pissed as hell though. Staying calm isn’t as satisfying as cursing someone out.

True, but the satisfaction is fleeting, because they will only use it against you.

You have two options, as I see it.

1) Treat them with cool aloofness and ask questions about whether or not they imagined having offspring so that those offspring could contribute to their lives, or if the offspring were had so that the adult had the privilege of watching a life form and refine itself in their hands. If they had offspring to form worker drones, then ask them what sort of person that makes them.

2) If they want contribution, make the situation one of professional courtesy. Offer to instead pay rent and live in one room of the house, but be subject to none of their rules or edicts.

If a person keeps you beneath their roof in exchange for room and board, it is customary to do something in return, but if they then also steal your earnings, that is called rent, and they either admit to being slave keepers, or they settle for being landlords.

If you wish to rant and rave, then please do it here. And remember that any alternative you present to them that does not match their ideas will be met with backlash, but if you are calm and cold and still and meet all agitation with a blank face and a stern voice, they will eventually be forced to make a decision.

Also, please message me privately so that we can discuss how you can make your finances secure so that they cannot take your money again.

tumblr’s draconian meme dictator: and this weeks overly passionate meme is *spins wheel* COLE SLAW!
the citizens of tumblr, thirsty for the meme and chanting in unison: COLE SLAW COLE SLAW COLE SLAW


I told my little brother I was having a quarter life crisis and he pointed out, technically I could be having a midlife crisis and only live to my forties. I was like “shit yeah… what if north Korea bombs us?” And he was like “then we’ll go out with a bang.”

wisdom knows no age


As many of you know, those who have read my books and stories and so forth, I have spent most of my life in abject poverty. I don’t think I knew I was in pvoerty most of the time, because I had no needs I could not meet, save that of blending into those around me – which was offset by the fact that a skulking sickly-looking shadow-hugger was in many way a common thing. I lived a very small life. lives, to be exact. I have raised and spent fortunes several times, all to achieve aims, like coming from England to the New World.

As such, I have a rather specific idea of what wealth and prosperity mean, or should mean, to the world at large.

Humans establish value on everything. We began using money because its value was constant. While one man could look you in the face and say your pig was worth one cartload of hay, another could look at it and say it wasn’t worth a fig. Setting a price for a good, so ten pennies, was a way to ensure that the customer could come to you. Looking for a pig? Go to the pig seller, and see what he has? Only have ten pennies? There’s a pig for you, and so forth.

Having more shiny objects that mean something to the world does not make you better. It means you are good at something (often times good at making money). You do not have more value because you have more valuables. And skills with smaller, more obscure markets are still skills, likely far more complicated. A sewer maintenance worker is absolutely critical for the health and wellbeing of society, and yet, their job makes little more than minimum wage. If humanity was smart, they’d prioritize all the wealth and value to the skills critical for health. Somehow a man good only at lying, cheating, stealing, and dealing, with two billion to his name is somehow more worthy than a man in a tunnel making sure that filthy water stays away from clean. This is ridiculous.

It is a fault of human psychology. Having more does not mean you are worth more. It means you have more. You have the capability to stop at any given moment and look around. Money buys liesure. It buys introspection. It purchases freedom. It earns you the luxury of being able to learn. But because you have so much, the human mind fails yet again, and more often than not puts all that capital into being a prejudiced, money-grubbing bastard with an inflated self image.

The scale of awareness shifts and the value of things stretches and warps. Suddenly you feel perfectly happy to toss away four hundred thousand dollars on a fifth car, when with that tiny bit of castoff revenue, you could purchase a moment of peace and education for hundreds of worthy students, thus making the world a better place. You prioritize your own pleasure above the well-being of a world. And then you justify it.

But the metric is wrong. You act as if you 400k sports car is nothing to sneeze at, because, perhaps for you it isn’t. You don’t understand why people might be upset. If they want nice things, they can earn them, except that never in their lives will most people be able to achieve those things. Wealth in one lifetime is rare and without the money to have the time to develop and idea or educate one’s self, there is no path.

I’ve said it before and i will again, Society exists to align private interest to public. That is the purpose of governance. To make sure that private farmer A knows that he cannot go and shoot private farmer B because he doesn’t like the man and wants his belongings. Private aligned with public interest. Money is a resource, and hoarding a resource has public consequences. Gold fever strikes and your brains melt into sparkling goo.

You cannot stop yourselves from twisting everything, and then Empires fall as they always have. Every single one, the same way – ambition or private interest becoming misaligned from public interest. This is then corrected by the public, and everything begins anew.

Resources are a social contract. Because of your skills or those of your family, society granted you a resource for which, you are the steward. It is your duty and obligation to treat that wealth as if it is something you oversee for the good of all, not something you earned and you should keep. What you’ve earned is a rank. What you’ve earned is a a kind of foundation.

If you have money but berate the poor, do nothing for those unlike you, hide away in your castles and tweet with impunity, then you are not fulfilling your duty.

This most recent fortune of mine is by no means my largest, but it does allow me to have the kind of leisure it takes to run my experiment. It grants me the  privilege to experience things and learn, and then to share that learning with others. it affords me the opportunity to help others. That is the duty.

If a person cannot accept that and thrive within that boundary, then that person is not well, does not have their interests in line with those of society. Why society tolerates them…I’ve no idea.

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