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his hands ain’t cold?

Thats cool and all, but they really could have just used one of these

No, because this is a service you get at a bar. It’s nice to have someone do this for you because they know the exact size of the glass/ how much whisky you’re getting.

ALSO BELEIVE IT OR NOT YOU PLEBIANS DONT KNOW THAT the truth is that the quality of your ice plays greatly into the way your drink tastes!!!!

These guys get the dope ass ice that’s imported and soft that’s meant for carving and it’s c r y s t a l clear.

If you’re drinking shitty ice cube molds from bottled/ tap water ur drinking cheap whisky ☕️

It’s impossible for me to have rolled my eyes any harder at all of this.


“If you’re drinking shitty ice cube molds from bottled/ tap water ur drinking cheap whiskey”

so be it, make me the cheapest shit you got im just here to get turnt.

The attitude towards the bartenders labor is what separates the wealthy and cultured from the poor. The rich drink to enjoy alcohol, the poor drink to forget their shitty lives. Either way I prefer my drinks with a show, I dont mind paying more for finely sculpted ice.

It keeps getting worse with each reblog

Fatrolldarksouls thinks he’s a part of the bourgeois by virtue of getting drunk at the local Benihana resteraunt



This thread is so incredibly enjoyable

Also…take it from someone with enough money to buy these things…

It is all complete rubbish.

First of all, if you’re drinking an expensive, single barrel, aged whisky, scotch, bourbon, whiskey with ice in it…I will cut your throat and have mine with your blood in it, you tasteless scum. Why? Because that is a hand crafted thing made with time and the effort of generations, and you’ve just watered it down. What’s the matter with you? Do you water down your milk too? Are you an infant?

The fact is that water and ice do different things to these spirits, but you have to know what you’re mucking with. A FEW DROPS of water is all that is required to bring down the strength of the whiskey and open up the aromatics. Secondly, while that giant globe of ice might chill the spirit down swiftly, and water the alcohol content down so that it is more easily imbibed, it dulls and flattens the flavor.

Secondly, while the water you use to alter whiskey should be pure (minerality really does change the flavor) you can make an ice cube from a silicone mold and be just as happy, you complete sod.

Thirdly, if you are taking one finger of an Islay and putting it over a giant globe of ice…I will shove the whole thing down your throat. Use a chilled unleaded crystal tumbler or marble ice cubes. If you cannot take the heat of the product, then don’t drink it. Half of the tasting notes come from the spirit evaporating in the mouth. Half of the elegance is in how it warms or balances the heat with the spice, or smokiness, or sweeter notes, WHICH YOU WILL NOT TASTE if you chill it. You’d be smarter (or at least more interesting) to try drinking it from a heated glass like cognac, Armagnac, and so on, than adding water to it. Allow the spirit to heat and the evaporation of the alcohol to fill the sinus.

If you are going to invest money in a thing, know that thing. Be respectful of it. Don’t hire some poor sod to outfit you with a hand cut piece of nouveau riche stupidity that makes you feel like you’re actually sharing in an appropriated tradition. Otherwise someone like myself will turn that hefty shaved ball into a weapon and drink scotch over your corpse.

And might I point out, you ridiculous idiots with your flagrant spending designed to distract you from your own mortality and grievous lack of intellect, that these traditions of spirit making all originated in the pot and tower stills of poor farmers and rural chaps. It did not originate in a crystal palace of privilege.

You are not refined because you throw good money at a thing and then ruin it with stupidity. You are not wise because you pay someone to destroy your liquor. You are not better than anyone because you drink to enjoy the taste, and oh yes, happen to experience the precise thing for which the distillate was intended. You are no better than any other person, and you have no right to presume that simply because you have seen a globed ice cube in a Bond film, it makes you classy.

You’re a rich idiot. Not a connesieur who knows when to invest in a fine thing, whom to thank for it, what history and tradition to appreciate, nor indeed what even makes it a fine thing. You are not better because you have money. And I promise you, one glass of a fine spirit, and you’ll be just as ditzy as anyone else who “drinks to forget their shitty life”. That’s called BIOLOGY, and you can’t escape that with money either.

It’s like these new wine glasses that
have come out without the stems. What the devil? What is that meant to
do beside fill up a cabinet or make an expensive mess out of a Bellini?
Glasses are shaped to fit the spirit, and wine is optimal at certain
temperatures. The glasses are stemmed to keep the warmth of the hand
away from the wine. This keeps the wine chilled longer. A stemless
wineglass filled with $200/bottle Pinot noir is a glass full of garbage,
you might as well be drinking that two buck chuck (which by the by, is

A “poor person with a shitty life” drinking a five
dollar box of Riesling from a stemmed glass they bought at Dollar Tree
has more respect for the product and traditions of the art than a
wealthy ignoramus who drinks Château d’Yquem from a stemless glass of
leaded crystal.

Elitism is pretentious. It pretends to know things but is actually paying to ignore them. You have the good fortune and resources to have the luxury of learning about something with a long history and generations of craftsmanship behind it. If you’re going to throw more money at ruining that thing…you don’t deserve it.

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