Yepraksia Gevorgyan, 110

Armenian genocide: survivors recall events 100 years on

To this day, the quote I read in a survivors biography in 7th grade still haunts me. “Who does now remember the Armenians?” 

You know who said that? Hitler. Adolf Hitler, as a way to justify the Holocaust. Because the world turned a blind eye to the Armenian genocide, he thought the world would turn its back to the Holocaust.

The worst part is, he was right. America, Europe, the governments knew what was going on. And they ignored it. Now, more than ever, remember the Armenians. Remember the Cambodians, Rwandans, Jews. Never again means now.

Everyone lies to themselves, saying, “this can’t possibly happen here”, except that is a lie.  All that is necessary for Evil to flourish, is that good people not stand up.

Take a moment and imagine walking barefoot, having lost everything, hurt and alone, so hungry you have to beg those hurting you for their cast offs. Imagine that. For some of you it will be easy, because of the hardships you’ve faced, but for those who have experienced little, you may need to do due diligence. Reach. Read. Watch. Search. Go to youtube and watch the allied footage of Holocaust camps being liberated. Cry.

And never let it happen again.

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