Oh yay so we’re doing the “My mother in law is trying to get us to come to church functions with her” thing again. 

She does this every few months and somehow ten damned years of us avoiding it like the plague haven’t gotten the hint across. 

Of course, this is the woman who took seven years to notice the Darwin Fish on my car and then had a mini-meltdown because THAT’S NOT CHRISTIAN!!!!!

To which my husband replied “Well, I mean, evolution is kinda a thing, and also she’s not christian.” 





People can be quite impressively oblivious. A relative of mine, who is an Orthodox priest who spent ten or so years trying to divert me from the Devil and achieving exactly the opposite, stood for almost half an hour next to my shelves of tarot cards and occult books and did not notice a thing.

We literally have an entire shelf of Buddhist philosophy texts and somehow when she figured out her son was interested in Buddhism it STILL came as an enormous shock somehow. 

As a Christian with many non Christian friends whom I love and adore, I’d like to apologize for people like this out there. Our doctrine is supposed to be loving each other (Matthew 22: 34-40) but a number of people twist this to a “tough love” type of situation where trying to convert others to Christianity is their way of “love”. All it really does is make people uncomfortable at minimum, all the way to makeing people flee their own homes out of fear. It’s a bad approach, to incredibly understate it.

Anyway, I hope your mom-in-law figures things out. I’d say I’d pray for her, but when a Christian like her said that to me (to conclude a disagreement on this very topic) it came across uncomfortably presumptuous and self-righteous. So I’ll just say I’m sending positive vibes her (and your family’s) way. ❤

My husband is a Christian, and one by the actual book, which is why he isn’t fond of many churches, because they, in his words “Are run by and filled with hypocritical assholes”

So, I appreciate your kind thoughts. 

I doubt she’ll ever figure things out, but honestly it just makes me laugh, because I am so far from the kind of person who’s convertible that it’s ridiculous, and when she asks me ‘aren’t you worried you’ll go to hell?’ I just go “I don’t even think that is a thing” and she just blinks like she can’t even wrap her head around the concept. 

*waves* Current atheist, former pagan, always an Alabamian. I’m firm in my belief that these kind of Christians don’t believe in heaven nearly as much as they believe in hell. Going by the reactions I see when I say one or the other doesn’t exist. It’s the “nobody’s going to hell” proclamation that causes people to drop produce at the super wal-mart.

That’s because they have spent so much time fretting about all the sins they’ve committed, and so much time on feeling guilty for things, that the idea that all of that torturing themselves and each other has been for nothing at all terrifies them more deeply than anything else. 

Isn’t that Hell?

Ironically, I’d say so. 

Try being an atheist anti-religion evolutionist, married to a biologist and statistical genomicist, who step father is a minister.

When i started going blind…my dad arranged a laying on of hands…and then some doctor’s visits.

….did you lay on some hands of your own?

If the fundies are right, then their god is an asshole and their devil sounds alright. I’m sure I’ll get on just fine in their Hell.

I don’t think they believe their hateful doctrine so much as they’re afraid it’s true. If they’re right and they leave they’ll be punished. If they’re wrong they get the same result no matter what they do because whoever is right will forgive them.

My favorite is when they ask me how people can do good if they’re not afraid of divine punishment, because it tells me that deep down they’re bad people who know they would do bad things if they could get away with it.

Dove, you are precisely right.

Truly good people don’t need a god watching over their shoulder. They accept when they have done wrong and are responsible.

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