I realize you probably have this in your FAQs or at least answered it many times, but what’s your opinion on the mystery of The Count of St. Germain?

Unfortunately we never met. but to be honest, I’ve read through some of the accounts and so forth since that time, and it does make me regret that when the culture shifted, I wasn’t sensible enough to capitalize on it. It’s simply that at the time, such odd but oddly charming folks were not readily accepted. Every person who moved high in ranking eventually ended up dead. Look at my namesake. He wasn’t put to death, but if he hadn’t died when he did, he’d have been brought up on murder charges a few years later.

They almost always end up falling out with their patron, their king, the next regime, and so forth, to the tune of a few heads a year. Having seen more than my fair share of public executions, including that of the Duke of Monmouth, I wasn’t keen to start my tour of Europe.

However…It is quite probable he was a cousin, and much as I am now and today, he found a way to exist in the open, without being completely obvious.

I’ve had brief moments like this. Beneath the banner of the Maiden, the Seven Years War, the Revolution, Virginia City, during the Prohibition… People always came to suspect, and I didn’t dissuade. But that was during the beginning of this fearless age of exploration and discovery. It seems my counterpart saw the trend and pounced.

If he really was 500 in the 1740′s then he would have been a bit older than I (so far as I was concerned at the time) I do wonder if perhaps he is still about.

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