So I found out that people have strong feelings about sparkling water

I, too, share the sentiment of this post. Sparkling water needs to chill and stop trying to bite the inside of my mouth. It’s rude and unpleasant.

Angry water

If I wanted something that tasted vaguely of fruit and the inside of my mouth, but stung, I’d drink a beehive.

I love sparkling water and I don’t understand what the rest of you are tasting.

Bullshit, milady. Complete, unadulterated spincraft. A man tricked you into drinking the planet’s largest resource with bubbles in. That’s all. Bubbles. A man added CO2 and you just lapped it up. It’s water. That’s all.

I hate water. I drink it because when I don’t for about a week, I turn to a living raisin, and it makes people stare.

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