A friendly reminder not to put undiluted essential oils on your skin. My mint essential oil ate through this styrofoam cup in aroun 20-30 mins when i got pulled away before i diluted it. And it was only about 4-5 drops.

Someone once bought me undiluted tea tree oil facial pads and told me to put undiluted tea tree oil on my face as an acne treatment, and I had to show her that it stripped the paint off metal with no scrubbing before she realized why that was a terrible idea. DILUTE. YOUR. OILS.

This is a good website that explains in more depth why you don’t use raw essential oil on skin and how to dilute it with a proper “carriers” ie. Lotions, veg/coconut/ect oils and others. A good rule of thumb thought is to use a carrier that isn’t water and low viscosity. Also don’t use essential oils then go into the sun wait about 30-40 mins to adsorbed into the skin because it will boil/fry your skin.

reblogging for the reference!

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