So I’m making a children’s book?!?!? 
I had to make a mock-up idea for one for my child’s lit class, and it ended up turning into something I hope to take to Kickstarter at some point! 
Figured this is a timely book idea since bumbles are on the endangered list?? How dare! 

Heckin yes, I would get this for my niece and for my foster nieces and nephews and for my friends’ kids and for my old first grade teacher and for myself. At the very least.

Please write this, if you have the chance and still have the desire to. This is such a great idea and your art is beautiful, and I would so donate to the cause, this book is so cute🐝

AH! Your message is super sweet. ❤ And so, so encouraging! 
There’s a lot of craziness this summer between moving and my gf and I launching our webcomic. But after we get more of a schedule in order, I plan to make a full dummy-book of this and see if any publishers are interested. And if not, I’ll just take it to Kickstarter! I have the whole story written out, just needs accompanied illustrations. I want to see this happen one way or another, and it’s awesome to know that there are already some fans of it while it’s still in the idea/design phase! 

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