New study projects a stunning drop in 2018 millennial voter turnout in battleground states

  • The 2016 presidential election — and its outcome — may have given plenty of Americans a new sense of urgency when it comes to civics.
  • But a new study projects that 40 million Americans who voted last year will likely not show up at the polls for the 2018 midterms.
  • And that two-thirds of those “drop-off” voters will be millennials, unmarried women and people of color.
  • The report, just out from the Voter Participation Center and Lake Research Partners, “Comparing the Voting Electorate in 2012-2016 and Predicting 2018 Drop-off,” notes that many of those expected not to cast a ballot next year live in key battleground states like Arizona, Nevada, Florida and Ohio. Read more (7/21/17)




Just look at the difference young people getting out and voting made in the UK general election this year…young voters CAN make a POSITIVE DIFFERENCE by getting out and voting 

And I know this isn’t a presidential election but it is in some ways EVEN MORE IMPORTANT

Because the president can’t do anything without congress and the senate on his side…but likewise, if the Republicans get a majority it means it will be easier for that disgusting sack of stinking dog-vomit Donald Trump and his party of traitors and criminals to push through the DISGUSTING things they want to try and inflict on the country and its people

Get out and vote democrat next year and keep the Republicans from getting a blank check to try and push through their bigoted, evil bullshit

I’m pretty sure the biggest barrier to young people voting isn’t not caring, it’s not knowing.

Am I registered? Shit, who knows? I’ve moved five times in the last four years. I think I registered, but that was a year ago, did I change districts since then? Where even are the polling places in this town? What are their hours? I know I submitted a registration, but did they get it? I didn’t get a confirmation. Did they lose my form? Am I even eligible? Who knows? Oh well, I’m sure I can always register in the days leading up to the – whoops, there’s a deadline and it’s already gone by.

This is one of those civic skills that you would really think would be taught in high school, and – surprise! – it isn’t.

So here’s how to check which district you’re in and who your rep is.

Here’s how to find out if you’re registered.

Here are the deadlines for when to register.

Here’s how to register, if it turns out you’re not.

Here’s how to find local polling places.

Of course, all of this – in the way of Tumblr, and the internet more generally – will be lost to the vagaries of cyberspace by the time November rolls around. So hey: tag it with “voting reference” and you’ll always be able to find it again.

If you want to register to vote, the easiest way is simply to walk into a post office and ask how you can register. They will hand you a piece of paper. you fill it out and hand it back and it’s all processed for you. Takes about five minutes. Then usually, you’ll receive a ballot booklet with information on votes, a couple weeks before the next election. This will usually tell you your polling place, or give instructions on how to vote. That’s the simplest way, but every state has its own voter’s districts, redistricting laws, ID laws, and stuff to do with itinerant populations like students, so do check with your state legislatures website.

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