history fucked me up

oxford was built and operational as a college before the rise of the mayans and cleopatra lived in a time nearer to pizza hut’s invention than to the pyramids being built

I need a noncomprehensive history book that covers Known World History in time periods, like “in this century, all this shit was happening concurrently” and not just all spread out so I have to piece it together like some unpaid uneducated scholar

@deadcatwithaflamethrower Sounds like the atlas book you mentioned needing to write at some point.

That’s…a LOT more time being covered than I’d originally thought about.  O_O

(Don’t get me wrong, I’m still tempted. I’m still enraged by basically every history textbook ever handed to me by a scholastic institution.)

There are comprehensive (or good attempts at this) timelines that contain concurrent events.

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