Is wretched. How do humans do this? How do humans who have stomach issues do this? How on earth do you do this on a routine basis? I feel like I’m turning inside out.

Someone just shoot me in the face. It would be blissful compared to this.

It’s really the worst, and I sympathize. I’d rather be riddled with mosquito bites for a day than nauseous an hour.

A nap usually works for me, but I have always been the type to sleep when I get sick.

The last time I was nauseous, it was 1930 and I tested a barrel of something that I’m convinced was spoiled with botulism. I do not like this. How do drug addicts cope with this? It’s appalling!

me: *literally wakes up nauseous 6/7 days of the week, constant sickness*

this dude: the last time i was nauseous it was 1930

Distract me. What is the cause of your nausea? I now am motivated to help fix it. Please let me try. I hate this feeling.

On a side note, that was the reason I was hired by my benefactor. Well…that and muscle. Not the dangerous sort, per say, as he did everything without violence, but because he had a system that involved dragging the barrels in from the sea. So, he needed strong people. Then he found out I was quite the connesier of spirits and made me taste everything. If I told him it was bad, he’d dump it then and there or sell it to a machine shop or some such.

He was a good man.

“Has seen the chain where Simon helps talk a young human through the stress of being a young human”

You’re a good egg, Simon. I’d say try some ginger and fennel seed tea for the nausea, but you may have tried that already. 

May I be a Century Egg? Thank you.

I haven’t tried anything but lying on the floor eating and watching a 20-something boy stare at me as I text. Thoroughly off-putting. I can almost walk. When i can, I’m going home and tapping Chef.

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