Pain is a fascinating thing



That acute sharpness that dulls, the way it changes as one moves, the refinement in the nerves that leads to a melange of suffering. It’s just interesting, and it makes me wonder. Nerves that handle simple motor functions most days seem capable of producing a number of pain types. I’m wondering if there is a correspondence between the number of types of actions a nerve performs and the types of pain it can feel.

I wonder that very strongly at this moment.

So, through some very interesting and illegal research, I’ve found a substance that does actually help with my pain, to a degree. I will not divulge what it is, but will say it is not legal and it would likely kill you. Sometimes it pays to know the sort that live on boats and traffic in secrets.

I now know something about my biology that I did not previously.

I was hoping to encounter a gentle reader who has a professional knowledge base in human kinesiology, so that they could tell me if humans have this type of connection between types of pain and types of movements that nerves perform. I do know that skin is most sensitive, and so when human skin is wounded, it traumatizes the more sensitive nerves, but I also know that humans often report critical, massive trauma as being numb. So I am, actually curious, and not merely venting for attention’s sake.

So if you have a scientific background in this, please do reply. If not, I’ll have to ask my on-call surgeon in the morning.

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