These are Malaysian Blue Carpenter Bees!!!!! Aren’t they gorgeous! Such a pretty color! I had no idea there were blue bees!

Now all i want is to make friends with a blue bee.

Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Amazing!! I’m absolutely terrified of them, but this is amazing!

Don’t be. They just want to live. They won’t hurt you unless they perceive you as a threat, because to sting is to die. Just be kind and hold very still.

I do try my best to stay calm, but after a bad experience that I had with one when I was little, I’ve been terrified of them since then. I automatically go into fight-or-flight mode whenever I see one. I’m really trying to get better with it, but it doesn’t look like I can shake the fear anytime soon.

Fear is fine, but if you flail, it might sting you, much more likely to. So do your best to be still and brave. Remember, you can only ever be brave, if you’re afraid.

Yeah, that’s the thing I’m trying to fix. The flailing and freaking out. I mean, I’ve made progress over the years, but nowadays I immediately just tense up and walk as far away as possible from it. But that’s really good advice. I’ll try to keep that in mind the next time I see one. Thank you 🙂

Just try and think like the bee. It wants a lovely flower, it wants water. It wants to be useful to the hive. It wants to be safe. It does not want to die.

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