My friends and I had a get together, so we all made snacks color coded to the characters!

I had red, so I made hummus and tea cakes.

I’ll skip the recipe for hummus since that’s not ideal, but!

Tea cake recipe:
3.5 cups of flour (I used self rising)
2 cups of sugar
~1 cup of softened butter
3 large eggs
Vanilla extract
(Optional) nutmeg

Mix the dry together and then mix the liquids. Then mix them together–don’t add more flour if it’s too sticky unless you want dry, cracked tea cakes–and spoon onto your baking tray! I made….~2 inch diameter balls, so it made decently sized tea cakes. Put them in the oven for 15 minutes, let them cool when they’re done, and voila!

Also, what did you mean by a coordinated meal, Simon? Coordinated theme? A meal to go with hummus??????


I meant a meal where all the red foods go together as a complete thought or composition, separate from the other colors, and those other colors are complete thoughts.

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