The Tone Analyzer is a website that lets you enter text, and then uses linguistic analysis to detect your social and emotional tone.


Now you guys can sound nicer when you send me messages.



NOW people with anxiety disorders can check their email replies and applications and stuff to make sure we’re coming across the way we want to

Do you have any idea how important this is right now?
Making sure you sound right without having to ask a friend to proof read you?
This just made my life a whole lot easier.

OMG analyzing someone else’s text to see if you’re reacting appropriately?!?
To make sure you’re interpreting them the way they intended!

This is SO COOL

A couple friends of mine at my school are making a phone app like this for spoken English! It’s called ToneAware and it’s designed for autism spectrum people to be able to discreetly interpret the tone and/or mood of someone they’re having a conversation with and I’ve seen them demonstrate it, it works really well and is super cool !!!

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