Starting tomorrow, my boss is making it *mandatory* that every employee stand for the Pledge of Alliegence that will be played over the PA at work, or they’re fired.

The level of pissed off I am right now is astronomical. If anyone knows of any laws I can use to fight this, please let me know. I’m gonna try and look up some myself. I need this job, but I should not and will not be made obligated to stand for the Pledge under threat of termination when our country is the way it fucking is.


So I guess we’ll see what’ll happen. I might not have a job by the end of the week.

I am 99% sure this is fucking illegal but I don’t know enough about law to know which laws specifically it’s breaking.  Any followers versed in constitutional/California employment protections?

Contact the ACLU and file a lawsuit. It is actually UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

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