Starting tomorrow, my boss is making it *mandatory* that every employee stand for the Pledge of Alliegence that will be played over the PA at work, or they’re fired.

The level of pissed off I am right now is astronomical. If anyone knows of any laws I can use to fight this, please let me know. I’m gonna try and look up some myself. I need this job, but I should not and will not be made obligated to stand for the Pledge under threat of termination when our country is the way it fucking is.


So I guess we’ll see what’ll happen. I might not have a job by the end of the week.

I am 99% sure this is fucking illegal but I don’t know enough about law to know which laws specifically it’s breaking.  Any followers versed in constitutional/California employment protections?

Contact the ACLU and file a lawsuit. It is actually UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Because of the lawsuit with Hooters (and others) there is legal precedent for an employer violating rights, but only if that specific violation is a part of the original employment contract. This is why Hooters employees are called “models who serve” so that their body can be regulated by management. If that employer wants to do that, I think they might have to have it in their original contract with staff. I’m not sure there’s legal precedent.

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