hasnt supernatural ended yet? im trying to figure out a good time to vent it but tbh, im still mad dean had to go and kill the one monster that wasnt trying to actively harm humans

okay but lets actually talk about this, humans should not be kept at the top of the food chain in any sci fi/fantasy/supernatural setting, it’s just not realistic. you’re telling me a ghoul is just going to stave off their craving for human flesh? You expecting wendigos to munch on beef jerky instead of a human arm? bitch, idc if Edward Cullen and his lazy vampire fam made it work, any other monster that needs to survive on human meat should not have to change their diet to suit humans any more than a cat needs to be turned vegan because their human owner is vegan. 

in other words, monsters in supernatural settings should have the right to eat to eat humans. and if you dont like it? munch munch motherfucker, die mad at about it

and yes I’m starting the monster discourse, this tomfoolery has gone on long enough

You right tho


I quite agree. It’s why I’m still eating without regret.

I’d like to clarify that “wendigos” is the English plural of wendigo. The actual plural is Wendigowak.

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