Hi Simon! I was wondering your opinion on witches. I don’t know if you answered this but I’d love to know your experience with any over time, even if you just consider it just a pagan religion. Thanks!! :)






I have answered it, at some length. Let me see if I can track down my answer, and I will put the link in a reblog.



Hey this is my actual blog, I’m @deepanddarkandscarycorners. I just wanted to thank you for the reply. This is really interesting to me as there’s really little history that I could find on like ancient/early witchcraft. I did want to share a theory since your “a beast” of science (excuse me if that was offensive, the word man there felt…. not right.) In my recent study I found witchcraft to be more modern psychology, for instance there has been many a studies on positive and negative thinking and how it effects test taking. So how I view witchcraft is say a spell is simply something you work on and yet also believe is true, that you are able to gain a reaction based on it. Commonly sigils are I will statements, like I will work on my art. Or I will love myself more. Mantra’s if you will. My other theroy is that hexes are that negative thinking, like if you tell someone that they’ll fail and they do it causes a psychological reaction. (Sorry it’s late I’m having some trouble explaining). Like they suddenly worry that maybe I am hexed and it becomes a cycle for every time they fail and the start believing it. Anywho that’s my two cents. I actually, if you have the time, have lots of philosophy and much more I’d love to discuss in length. If you’re ever interested.

One part placebo, one part metaphysics. Or are they the same thing? 😉

This is what I mean when I talk about humans being able to “tap” a type of foundation. I do think you have more faculties than you know, and thus, are capable of more than you realize. Which is not magic. It is science.

The reason you cannot find anything on ancient witchcraft is because there was nothing written.

My Dad always called a person’s claims of being doomed to failure or destined to succeed ‘Self-Fulfilling Prophecies’. He’s probably right.

That’s what they’re called.

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