I dont know why but the knowledge that There Are No Ghosts Or Demons, Only Simon has really calmed me down and i dont get so scared of random things anymore, bless you you sweet old thing




Happy to oblige. There are Drifters, but they hardly count as sentient. They’re just a pile of impressions and energy tuned to whomsoever is near by.

They will shed an ungodly amount of spare change all over your floors though. Mine also generate necessary household goods that are several decades older than I am. They are good weird fuzzy energy blobs, and I love them.

It makes me kinda sad…. Cause there are times I want to become a deformed, twisted, mockery of who I am and terrorize all who live in the night and consume the life energy of the evil and wicked. Or fly..

Make friends with the local Drifter and hope you impress upon it. It will carry your traits on and inevitably twist them.

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