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It’s more complicated than that, and I really did debate posting this one, because so much has been made of it on all those ridiculous sites that steal materials from each other and never give attribution. They have all sorts of speculation, etymologies and whathaveyou, but I will tell you what it meant, where I lived, when I lived there.

poop-noddy was not Romantic sex, but sex that is nefarious some how, either by purchase or that comes with hidden fees, i.e. disease. It wasn’t used as a reference to a “quickie”, nor as a reference to “one thing leads to another”. It was exclusively that of diseased, costly sex, or even of sex that led to theft. “poop” was a reference to the “toll” or fine associated, and “noddy” with stupidity.

Now, some may dispute this, but I don’t really care what they have to say. They weren’t alive.

Example: “That prostitute was a right poop-noddy, eh? Have you seen someone about the…uh…problem?” or “So you took her to your rooms? Was it a poop-noddy?”


A list of supernatural beings in the British Isles, from the Denham Tracts, 1892-5 (pictured).
~from The Penguin Book of English Folktales, Neil Philip, 1992

The author notes that this is where Tolkien found the creature name: Hobbits. I also see Fire Drakes. And I’d add that since this was published, there are at least two recognizable creature/character names J.K. Rowling may have gotten from it.


My gentle readers know I’m quite partial to this season. I’ve gone on and on about how it’s the one time of year I get to be myself with convenience, thanks to your modern holidays. It’s also the time of snacks and treats. But most importantly to me…

It’s the date the experiment began.

Halloween, 2011.

So I’d like to have a bit of a virtual party, as big as the internet will allow! To that end, there will be several components, including prizes!

Costume Contest:

To enter, just submit to my blog, a (URL signed) picture of your costume, your child’s costume, your photo from your party, whatever you like (do keep it safe for work). I will add the tag “Simon’s Halloween costume contest” at the bottom. The entries will be upvoted by readers in the form of likes. The one with the most likes will win. I will accept one child and one adult winner.

The prize for the adult will be one of my books, signed, and a Pocket Simon™. For the child, a Pocket Simon™ and a children’s book of my choosing with a hand-written note (likely about eating your vegetables).

Pumpkin Carving Contest:

Submit to this blog a picture of your carving signed with your URL, and some proof of the date in the photo, so that it is obvious it is your work. The prize will be the same as above.

Food Contest:

Submit to my blog a picture of your holiday treats, sign them with your URL, these too will be upvoted by readers. If you would like to post a video of someone tasting your treat, that is also acceptable! Post it to your own blog and send the post directly to my messenger inbox. I will link all the food posts with the tag “Simon’s Halloween Treat Contest”

The prizes will be a signed book and special food-related treat from me. No, not a body part. Something safe for you to eat. It’s a surprise.

The deadline for the contests is November 1. Anyone may enter, so do feel free to reblog this to your followers.

Movie Night:

I’ll be hosting scary movies the week before Halloween – films of my choosing, and a chance to entertain yourself among other gentle readers. Perhaps we may even play a rousing game of Monsters Against Humanity (online game of Cards Against Humanity with me). Perhaps even for a prize, to make it interesting.

If you can think of any other entertaining things we can get up to, do feel free to let me know! I’m quite happy to add events.

Disturbingly vague ingredients generated by neural network



This neural network, a learning algorithm trained on 30MB of cookbook recipes, generates new recipes based on probabilities. The resulting ingredients, while their words are individually probable, can end up disturbingly vague. “Yeah… I’m pretty sure this recipe’s gonna contain some… chunks.”

¼ cup white seeds
1 cup mixture
1 teaspoon juice
1  chunks
¼ lb fresh surface
¼ teaspoon brown leaves
½ cup with no noodles
1  round meat in bowl

i just read “1 chunks” and i’m earnestly afraid that if i read this any further i will permanently lose my fucking mind

“1 round meat in a bowl”

Round meat…hmm…

If pedophiles don’t belong in the lgbtq community then where do they belong?










My body freezer. Also an option.

I frankly cannot comprehend how anyone can compare the unlawful compromising of a minor’s body to the sexual orientation of consenting adults.

They don’t want to admit that they’ve made a choice to rape children. They try to pass it off as something they can’t control. But evil is always a choice. And rape is always evil. Especially the rape of children. 

I know why pedophiles compare themselves.  It’s called “justification” and it is a hypocrisy that is as old as humanity. What I don’t grasp is why conservatives do it. It is obvious to anyone looking that they aren’t the same. The OP seems to be that sort

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