Bravo !
These are heroes saving lives. Respect



This right here is an example of the best of America. They have a wish list on Amazon for anyone interested. 


#BlackExcellence #Blackpride Great Organization!

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American Black Cross Call-To-Action 

[https://youtu.be/Rp2YUtn-dPM] 09/26/17
Bravo! These are heroes saving lives.
Respect – This is what REAL humanity looks like!

A 16 year old girl and a 24 year old man. Is he a pedophile or is it statutory rape? Either way he’s a predator, but I’m curious your take on the fine details. If it matters she was a virgin (not that virginity isn’t imaginary but in this setting…) never even been kissed and he was the first person to show her any interest. Used that against her. She knows that now. She knows now her innocence was used as a weapon and she was a prey animal. Anyway, pedophile or merely statutory rape?






Actually possibly neither. 

Pedophillia is classed as sexual attraction towards prepubescent children, so since the girl is either past or going through puberty, it would actually be hebephillia, which is attraction to children going through puberty. Still just as bad, but (unfortunately) more normalised.

Where I live at least (UK) and in a lot of other countries, it wouldn’t be statutory rape either as, at 16, the girl would be cnsidered legally old enough to consent to sex. In America it varies by state, with 16 being the most common.

It’s unfortunate, but unless you live in a country or state where the age of consent is higher, then in the eyes of the law it’s not a crime, just a really shitty thing to do.

Hope the girl is safe now.

They asked me what I thought it was. The answer is both. I don’t care about legal age of consent and I don’t care about whether or not the man is attracted to minors before or during puberty. It’s still targeting a person that is not mature. And so to me it is absolutely an offense. If he loved her, then he could wait, and if he loved someone that junior to him, it makes me wonder. Not because she is young, but because the gap in life style is very different. Or should be. Now is she was 22, and he 29, then it would be different. But it isn’t.

To me, he needs to find somewhere to hide and bathe in garlic, otherwise, I will find him.

I have watched too many young ladies bought and sold or talked from their virtues builder men of the world. It is unfair and to me, unacceptable.

Equally so for an older woman and a younger man of similar ages.

I’m 21 and even though *technically* the age of consent in Texas is 17, there’s absolutely no way I’d date someone who’s still in high school even if they’re over 18. It’s just weird to me that adults would want to date teenagers who are in a different stage of their life, especially people who are older than I am.


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