The water in both tanks is from the same time and place. The tank on the right has oysters. An adult oyster can filter and clean up to 50 gallons of water per day.

Photo : Maryland Seafood

Everyone…I would like to put oysters everywhere.

oysters are a very good indicator of healthy water! In part bc they help keep it clean–

They’re also delicious. I see no downside.

The world is bleak







Please reblog this message with an image that makes you happy. Not merely the “I’m so glad I’m not doing what I was doing a moment ago” happiness. I want images that make you belly laugh or sigh. I’m sick to death of sarcasm, insults, and stupidity. I’m also tired of talking into the Tumblr vastness. I want to hear from you.

Let’s share a little amusement and joy. What you call “pure” posts, these days.

Cheer up an Old™ thing.

Thank you, in advance.

the first time I saw this image I laughed so hard I actually peed a little on the couch. I was 22.


I randomly think about this gif a lot and sometimes hurt myself laughing. 

once I was curious as to what I’d find if I googled the word “absurd” and

the google did not disappoint

Is that Bojack Horseman

All of that is lovely


A good reason to believe in aliens: because it’s statistically improbable that our planet is the only planet in our universe with life.

Bad reason to believe in aliens: discrediting the capability and competence of ancient civilizations and their ability to build things in a practical manner.

One day I am going to eat the Ancient Aliens host.

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