The world is bleak







Please reblog this message with an image that makes you happy. Not merely the “I’m so glad I’m not doing what I was doing a moment ago” happiness. I want images that make you belly laugh or sigh. I’m sick to death of sarcasm, insults, and stupidity. I’m also tired of talking into the Tumblr vastness. I want to hear from you.

Let’s share a little amusement and joy. What you call “pure” posts, these days.

Cheer up an Old™ thing.

Thank you, in advance.

the first time I saw this image I laughed so hard I actually peed a little on the couch. I was 22.


I randomly think about this gif a lot and sometimes hurt myself laughing. 

once I was curious as to what I’d find if I googled the word “absurd” and

the google did not disappoint

Is that Bojack Horseman

All of that is lovely

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