nem sirok csak 65ezren belementek a szemembe

A crowd of 65,000 sings ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ perfectly while waiting for a Green Day concert




1. how the fuck did Green Day follow that

2. you know, we have fun here, with the word “meme,” but according to meme theory, which is an actual thing pioneered by reptilian human impersonator Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene, most of what we call memes are very unsuccessful memes. A meme, in the scientific sense – if one is generously disposed to consider memetics a science on any particular day – is an idea that acts like a gene. That is, it seeks to replicate itself, as many times as possible, and as faithfully as possible.

That second part is important. A gene which is not faithful in its replication mutates, sometimes rapidly, sometimes wildly. The result might be cancer or a virus or (very very very rarely) a viable evolutionary step forward, but whatever the case, it is no longer the original gene. That gene no longer exists. It could not successfully reproduce itself.

The memes we pass around on the internet are, in general, very short lived and rapidly mutating. It’s rare for any meme to survive for more than a year: in almost all cases, they appear, spread rapidly, spawn a thousand short-lived variations, and then are swiftly forgotten. They’re not funny anymore, or interesting anymore. They no longer serve any function, and so they’re left behind, a mental evolutionary dead end.

This rendition of Freddie Mercury’s immortal opera Bohemian Rhapsody is about the most goddamned amazing demonstration of a successful meme I’ve ever seen. This song is 42 years old, as of 2017. FORTY TWO YEARS OLD. And it has spread SO far, and replicated itself across the minds of millions of people SO faithfully, that a gathering of 65,000 more or less random people, with nothing in common except that they all really like it when Billie Joe Armstrong does the thing with the guitar, can reproduce it perfectly. IN PERFECT TIME. THEY KNOW THE EXACT LENGTH OF EVERY BRIDGE. THEY EVEN GET THE NONSENSE WORDS RIGHT. THEY DIVIDE THEMSELVES UP IN ORDER TO SING THE COUNTER-CHORUS. 

“Yeah, Pyrrhic, lots of people know this song.”

Listen, you glassy-eyed ninny: our species’ ability to coherently pass along not just genetic information, but memetic information as well, is the reason we’re the dominant species on this planet. Language is a meme. Civilization is a collection of memes. Lots of animals can learn, but we may be the only animal that latches onto ephemera – information that doesn’t reflect any concrete reality, information with little to no immediate practical application – and then joyfully, willfully, unrelentingly repeats it and teaches it to others. Look at how wild this crowd is, because they’re singing the same song! It doesn’t DO anything. It’s not even why they showed up here today! If you sent out a letter to those same 65,000 people that said, “Please show up in this field on this day in order to sing Bohemian Rhapsody,” very few of them would have showed up. But I would be surprised to meet a single person in that crowd who joined in the singing who doesn’t remember this moment as the most amazing part of a concert they paid hundreds of dollars to see.

And they’re just sharing an idea. It’s stunning and ridiculous. Something about how our brains work make us go, “Hey!! Hey everybody!! I found this idea! It’s good! I like it! I’m going to repeat it! Do you know it too?? Repeat it with me! Let’s get EVERYBODY to know it and repeat it and then we can all have it together at the same time! It’s a good idea! I’m so excited to repeat it exactly the way I heard it, as loudly as I can, as often as possible!!”

This is how culture happens! This is how countries happen! Sometimes a persistent, infectious idea – a meme – can be dangerous or dark. But our human delight at clutching up good memes like magpies and flapping back to our flock to yell about them to everyone we know is why we as a species bothered to start doing things like “telling stories” and “writing stuff down.”

“That’s a lot of spilled ink for a Queen song, Pyrrhic.”

Man I just fucking love people.

Beautiful. Thank you Queen for ever having existed. I miss Freddy Mercury to this very day.

Also, I take it @pyrrhiccomedy that you have done a great deal of readin on Social Contagion Theory and Dawkins’ memetic evolutive ideas? Excellent reading.

The world is bleak


Please reblog this message with an image that makes you happy. Not merely the “I’m so glad I’m not doing what I was doing a moment ago” happiness. I want images that make you belly laugh or sigh. I’m sick to death of sarcasm, insults, and stupidity. I’m also tired of talking into the Tumblr vastness. I want to hear from you.

Let’s share a little amusement and joy. What you call “pure” posts, these days.

Cheer up an Old™ thing.

Thank you, in advance.

My addition to my own post.

Okay, thank you, I really didn’t intend to argue so that threw me for a loop, lol. People tend to misunderstand me because I always assume they know what I’m talking about and start in the wrong place by accident. Not your fault, I’m just still figuring out how to talk to people who aren’t used to my different patterns.

I can understand that completely. I find it helps to always begin with a question. Rephrase your principle point as a question in your mind, and then begin to simply answer the question with each paragraph beginning with a general statement and gaining more specificity. This tends to stop things like what my editor calls “the rambles”. It’s doesn’t always work, as you’ve seen. 

I have a tendancy to simply wander off in tangents and do nothing with it, because you see, I just have many thoughts going at once.

Sorry if this is weird–do you think of your relationship with Chef as a gay or queer relationship, or do you kind of feel like it doesn’t really count as that since you aren’t human? Whenever I try to get my friends to read The Creature’s Cookbook I think about using that as a talking point, but I don’t want to label you or any part of your life without your consent.

Since I don’t appear to have a gender and he is male, I suppose it does technically qualify as queer. In every sense of the word, since I am not human. 

I still have no idea what I think of it. None whatsoever. I simply…live with it.

Simon, I love you dude, but it’s stupidly easy to smuggle guns into the US. Every example I’ve seen of gun control “working” has been from countries with either no countries bordering them or one country & and very small border like the UK & Ireland. Unless we build stupid Trump’s stupid wall along both borders gun control just won’t work.


That isn’t true, but I accept that you think it is. There are countless countries who share borders with better fire arms records than ours. You seem to be implying that all illegal weapons are coming from the southern border. I’ll direct your attention to that border’s actual size. I will also direct your attention the the length and size of the borders aligned to water. I can tell you, because I know smugglers and spend time with them, and because we used to do the same during Prohibition, that the sea is a far easier way to smuggle, because Coast Guard is the least funded agency in the military and their patrols are very regimented.

I’d also like to point out that most gun crimes are committed by legal gun owners who were not properly screened, NOT by illegal guns.

And beginning a conversation with “I love you, but I think your idea is rubbish” is a logical fallacy. You can disagree with me without it having anything to do with how you feel about me. 

“I agree with you on most things, but” is a better way of beginning, for if your affection for me is based entirely on agreeing with me then perhaps that is a shallow and insular definition of friendship?

I’ll leave that distinction to you

I should also mention, that the only criminal gun-running on which the FBI or DEA of ATF can report on, is the sort that is captured. The efficient gun smugglers don’t get caught, and their operations do not get recorded as statistics. 

But again, that is beside the point, since the vast majority of gun crimes in America are committed with legally obtained firearms. The question isn’t criminality. It is what is legality? In Japan, legality is formed by rigorous testing. You have to REALLY desire that gun to jump through all the hoops. This is a natural selection gradient for anyone who just wants to kill a large group of people, hence, it’s a deterrent.  It also has the additional distinction of making certain that everyone carrying a firearm is fit to do so. You are not fit, contrary to American ideology, just because you exist. I’m sorry, that’s lunacy. My blind editor could purchase a gun and legally carry it. She’s blind. Is that safe? No. So why is it legal? Because she has a “right” to own a gun, even though she has no safe way of using it?

Come now. Ideology has to have practical application. I’m sorry, that’s just true, and all the arguments about why people should be allowed to have guns with less restrictions are absolute rubbish.

The fact is…guns are not an adequate tool of rebellion anymore. That precept of the men who wrote the Constitution, and please don’t forget I was alive then, is undone. Outdated. Stupid in the face of the modern era.

That’s the way it is. Less guns, mean less gun crime. Period. More qualified gun handlers mean less gun crime. And so on. Simple math.



HBO’s Insecure has mastered the cinematographic art of properly lighting black faces. Diversity matters!

I love this can I please get more of this on my dash people

Beautifully said

Will your books be available to buy in Europe as well? I don’t have a fortune to spend on shipping from the US but i’d really like to have physical copies :( Ps did you turn off anon or is tumblr being weird?

I have not turned off anon. I presume Tumblr is “being weird”. 

The books will be available to purchase from all the usual media stores. The publisher is small press, which means they do what is called POD or Print on Demand, which does tend to come from a central location. If you find the books too expensive, you can contact me, and I can see what may be possible. Obviously I cannot offer this to everyone forever, but we will see.

You can also enter any of my contests and win free copies. I do several per year, all giving out free books.

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