Hey Simon, sorry to bother yoy but how can i quickly get rid of a fever? It’s 38.1°c (100.54°f according to google) and i have important plans that i dont want to mids tomorrow :( i’ve had this since yesterday btw, if that makes any difference in how i should treat it? Thank you in advance, you’re the best 💞

Soak in Luke warm water and take high doses of antiinflammatories like ibuprofen. The difficulty is that the fever is integral to the process of getting well, so you may prolong illness. I advise you to take natural antivirals like zinc and drink lots of black tea and pomegranate juice

Peak- or Pea-goose

n. Someone who is both silly and sickly. Usually applied to men in a derogatory way.

Example: “Don’t ask that peak-goose for help unless you want to end up doing it yourself twice as frustrated as before.”


n. an obnoxiously timid person, or someone who complains and whines a great deal in order to appear meek, when in fact they are being manipulative.

v. 1. to sneak or creep about in a way that suggests some sort of nefarious goings on. 2. To carry on in a self-effacing way for show, to gain attention. 3. to whine

Example: “To hear the meech tell it, the world was ending at that moment and about to fall upon his head because of a long dead curse from a nameless relative of mean spirits.” or “And you’re going to gain the lady’s favor by meeching about, are you? She deserves a less manipulative suitor.”

I live in a bizarre state of existence. I keep being given weed. And like, I’m pleased as punch about that except I have nowhere I feel comfortable smoking. I have 2 joints and nowhere to smoke. And I could really use a smoke. I have no one to voice my frustration about this too so I thought meh, the ancient cryptid might not exactly be able to empathize but hopefully my mini rant won’t annoy him. If I get one more joint, I think I’m going to sob in frustration.

Go behind a random building. Or take a walk and smoke as you walk.

(I think I’m not too late, the deadline is November 1st right??) Anyway I’m a Very Gay Fae. My first Halloween away from home!!!!


I am the 21st century interpretation of death. Or something. Also pardon the mess those newspapers were padding my dress form cause I made the costume by hand.


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