So I’m taking this History of the 1960′s course and it just hit me that I’m the only black person in the class.



Professor: “Why was Elvis considered problematic?”
Class: *long awkward silence*
Me: “He became famous off of black music.”

Professor: “What state is Selma in?”
Class: *long awkward silence*
Me: “Alabama.”

Professor: “What state did the Montgomery Bus Boycotts take place in?”
Class: *long awkward silence*
Me: “Alabama.”

Professor: “What was one of the goals of the Civil Rights Movement?”
White Girl: “Uhhhhh…the blacks wanting…respect??”


adj. made sleepy or slow

Example: “That turkey dinner sluggardized the whole lot of us, and we woke from our comas five hours later.”






The mental shift between realising this is animated.

there are so many things great about this aside from how hardcore this mosh pit is

– the shield that gets launched into the stratosphere as soon as the armies collide
– the guy on the left side who somehow manages to do a complete 180 in all of the mayhem and dives out of frame
-the guy on the right side who decides not to get involved and runs right past the camera
– the final dude who trips in the least natural way possible


Not too far from reality.

Do you have a fighting style/preference?

I don’t really practice martial arts. I simply use physics, which makes a kind of obvious sense to me. For example, if you punch me. You swing full force, you lean everything you have into it. The best solution is not to try and block that punch or deflect it. The best solution, that preserves my energy and makes use of yours, would be to let you carry through, step to the side, and then help you to keep going that direction.

I once put a man’s face through plate glass doing that. He died. And I didn’t have to land a single blow, expend any energy. Just stepped aside, and patted him helpfully on the back as he flew by.

Kicking is amusing. Humans all think they know karate now. They kick, when a hundred years ago that wouldn’t even have occurred to them. Every time I have a fight they want to wave their arms and kick me. That’s even easier to deal with. A man kicks me, I grab his ankle and lift. End of fight.

My favorite though, is the head-butt. Yes, by all means, bring that neck closer to my teeth. All I have to do is tilt my head as you come at me, and you’re dead.

Humans always think it’s some sort of game, I suppose. Fight like they’re showing off for someone. Try to intimidate. All so silly. I’m not interested in fighting. I’m interested in killing them as swiftly as possible. Humans don’t believe they can die – at least not the ones who try to fight me. They’re coddled. They don’t believe they’re mortal. It’s the swiftest way to make a mistake.

If I find myself in an altercation with someone who doesn’t want to fight, who reads their opponent, rather than to lunge at them…then I know they have seen death before, that they know their own mortality, and that they will be much more difficult to kill.

I’m very sorry for my late follow-up to your answer (thank you so much for answering, by the way)…! I’m the person who asked about how to get fanart to you, eheh. u^u) You wouldn’t mind if I drew you in a “cutesy” style, would you? I noticed that a majority of your received fanart from previous artists isn’t “cutesy,” and was wondering if you’d be against being portrayed in what I guess could be called a chibi form ;;;; I’m so sorry for being long-winded, and thank you for your time…!

Whatever form you choose to utilize is fine by me. I am grateful for thoughts bent in my direction.

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