Dad kept hiding pine nuts in the pages of this magazine and letting Edgar root around for them.

(Edgar cannot be released to the wild due to an injury. He now works as an ambassador bird and general household nuisance.)

Edgar has added to his vocalizations since I last saw him! He used to only say “oh wow” in a really sarcastic voice and to mimic the trill of a screech owl. Now he also screams “WHAT?!” and mumbles “what a WHOPPER!”

It was hysterically funny discussing politics with him in the room. We’d mention some new scandal and he’d randomly interject with cries of astonishment.

Please let Edgar know that I love him

Edgar has graced my dash twice today and I learned something new each time. I too love him.

I love everything about this, most of all the fact that you named him Edgar because it makes me think of Poe’s “The Raven” immediately

His full name is Edgar Allen Crow.

I want to meet this Edgar Allen Crow. Als were can I get my own beautiful birb like Mr. Edgar here?

Crows make terrible pets. In the USA, it’s illegal to keep them and other native birds as pets without special licenses. Edgar lives at a bird rehab center as an educational animal due to a foot injury that would make it impossible for him to survive in the wild, and while he is relatively tame, he is really not a pet. Crows are not domesticated in any way. Highly intelligent and social birds like Edgar have mental and emotional needs that even the best, most devoted caretakers can barely provide adequately. Furthermore, they do not have the temperament of thoughtful roommates. They are chaos entities who seek to destroy, pester, and agitate.  

If you want to interact with crows, find and volunteer with a local bird sanctuary or rehab center. Although most birds in those places are intentionally kept as wild as possible, they often have ambassador animals like Edgar that are relatively well-socialized for display and education. 

For the readers who think I should domesticate mine.


n. A complete and utter coward.

Example: The man is such a poltroon he won’t even pet rabbits for fear they’ll maul him.



Re-Blog to support Native hunting rights and fight against individuals who don’t understand our Indigenous cultures.

He has a gofundme‼️‼️‼️‼️ Support him‼️‼️

Alaska teen’s biggest catch was a 57-foot-long whale. Animal-rights activists didn’t like it. He’s not backing down.

Hint: possibly made of people.

Also possibly the time of year when we give up eating soy…which will be very easy for me.




Old People Restaurant Scam. You know the scam. Whine about perfectly good food to get some sort of comp.

In their old age, my parents befriended another older couple who would pull this stunt everywhere they went. After my mother told me a few stories about how their new friends had shown them how to get discounted or free meals, I felt like I was suddenly the responsible adult, concerned about the bad influence these people were on my parents.

While visiting my parents with my girlfriend, this other couple attended dinner with us. As I expected, the food was brought to the table and they immediately began dramatically complaining to one another about the quality/taste/temperature/etc. They were making a scene in order to attract the attention of the waitress. When our waitress returned to ask how we were doing, the miserable old bastard who played the lead role in their act took a deep breathe, struck a dramatic pose (with his hand raised to begin gesticulating for emphasis) and bega–I leaned forward and cut him off before he could finish the first word: “Everything is absolutely fantastic. It’s all great! Thank you very much!” She smiled, and began her obligatory “Great, well if you need any–” when he made a second attempt. “We come here all the time an–”. I didn’t acknowledge that he was speaking at all, repeated that all was just as we ordered and thank her again.

He was stunned and thrown off from his routine by my interruption. During this pause the waitress walked away (It seemed clear that she knew what they were trying to accomplish). He turned bright red. I turned to my girlfriend and, smiling and without lowering my voice, stated how pitiful it is that some people could be dishonest, deceitful and put at risk the livelihood of a cook, server or hostess for a pathetic discount or a free early-bird special. My passive-aggressive reverse-parenting broke my parents of the habit in short time.

And baby boomers talk shit about Millennials being entitled

As a Jimmy Johns employee for three years, the largest demographic that scams us for sandwiches are older than 40.


Sometimes I’ll go out like, intentionally presenting feminine, wearing lipstick and a regular bra, and without even hearing my voice, people will address me as “sir”.

I paid hundreds of dollars on hormones and binders and concealing clothing, yet all it took was a haircut and a button-down shirt for you to read me as male? All my work, all my angst and dysphoria, going unappreciated! I suffered through acne and dislocated ribs and and a second puberty and syncope convulsions and yet you’re just gonna base your gender-assessment exclusively on my hair?

Don’t get me wrong, I love being confusing and able to pass with little effort, but jeez! I ain’t even trying today! I guess it just goes to show how conservative Indiana tends to be.

See the “snake in a bag” post I recently reblogged

adults: record numbers of teens are depressed, we must find out why
teens: school is more stressful than ever, our parents screwed over the economy, the earth is on a path to total environmental destruction, and now we have to deal with actual fuckin nazis
adults: it’s the iphones isn’t it

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