n. Someone who arranges matters to give themselves vexation. A self-tormentor.

Some might equate it with “masochism”, and it does sometimes get used in that context. However, it has always had a distinct connotation, and those of you with manipulative family will know the sort I mean. The one who always must cause some sort of “drama” that puts them as the victim so that they may spuddle and get attention. Or the one who is always crying “woe is me” over any old thing.

Example: You have a collection of key chains, pockets of every kind, and yet you still toss the keys in the one pocket you know will swallow them into oblivion, and cause you to spend fifteen minutes dumping out your purse in a parking lot. Stop being such a seek-sorrow and buy a carabiner.

If it constitutes a threat, it is not an opinion. It’s a threat. Treat it like one, not like an opinion.

A Gentle Reader Wedding


It has come to my attention that one of my gentle readers,
@gabriel-wolfe-wordsmith is about to “tie the knot” and tells me that he
and his bride-to-be have not registered anywhere! This is very
concerning to me. I have since encouraged the couple to arrange a
crowdfunding link, so that we can gather up a few contribution here or
there for their nuptials. Any small bit helps! As my first gentle reader
wedding (of which I’ve been made aware) I’d like to celebrate!

Join me!

Come now people!!!

A few dollars for this happy couple!

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