Jacob Vogler, a PhD economics student at the University of Illinois, looked at crime rates before and after Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, comparing states that didn’t expand and states that did. He also whittled down to a more granular level, looking at the crime rates in counties in Medicaid expansion states that saw the biggest increases in coverage.

This is what he found:

Incidents of reported violent crimes decreased 5 percent, per 100,000 people, in Medicaid expansion states compared to non-expansion states.
Incidents of property crime decreased by 3 percent.
Homicide, aggravated assault, robbery, and vehicle theft all saw statistically significant declines.
At the county level, counties that saw bigger coverage gains saw bigger crime reductions: A 1 percent gain in coverage correlated to a 0.7 percent drop in violent crime.
Vogler used some back-of-the-napkin math to estimate that this decrease in crime led to $400 million in savings to society, based on existing estimates of how much different crimes “cost.”

Remove financial strain from medical bills, and you have one less reason to steal, work for illicit organizations, or try to take what they want by force. You also reduce the likelihood of emotions running so high that one snaps in violence. It reduces stress. All this is obvious. That we have to study it to have the obvious notion gain legitimacy is one of humanity’s absurdities. That it will likely be laughed at by the alt-right is another.

The striking new evidence that expanding health coverage reduces crime


n. A parasitic person

Example: You’ve borrowed my clothes, my tools, my car, and now you’re borrowing my lover, you skamelar!


Men excel at putting meat on a stick and roasting it over an open flame.





Are knees not simply leg knuckles

Thank you for coming to my ted talk

They’re more like leg elbows if you think about it.

No. because an elbow is just an arm knuckle. Host your own ted talk.

Unless you go with the theory that knuckles are finger elbows. This is open for discussion

The joints are not similar, structurally.



Man @ my fellow white people sometimes you gotta take a step back and realize that even if you have been oppressed for some reason (whether ur queer or a woman or disabled) that we still… have white privilege like I know that’s hard for some of y’all to understand but plain and simple, we have ever since race as it is known today was conceptualized (about 500 years ago at least) benefited from white privileged and we continue to do so today.

Like when a poc (especially someone who is black since we yknow enslaved their ancestors and continue to keep them disenfranchised and enslaved through the prison system) says they don’t feel sympathy for a white group historically isn’t saying that what happened to them is okay, but even oppressed groups (like white women in the 17th century 👀👀) can still oppress other oppressed groups. White women may have been “considered property” and been subjected to marital rape but like, not only did black people experience all of that and more, (considering you know, black people actually were property) white women had a hand in the oppression and foul treatment of slaves, we know this for a fact. No one is saying that white women weren’t and aren’t to some extent still oppressed just that black women experience everything we do and worse because they are both female and black. Black folk have a reason to dislike white people, and honestly most white peoples utter lack of empathy towards the black struggle is not only disgusting but isn’t going to engender any sort of sympathy towards white people, especially women.

(Particularly when historically speaking, black women have always been key movers in the white womens feminist movements and then receive none of the benefits)

heyyy ummm my white followers maybe yall should yknow, reblog this instead of just liking it. even tho im addressing specifics this applies elsewhere









Mammals both produce milk and have hair. Ergo, a coconut is a mammal.

I know you’re being facetious, but this is an actual issue with morphology-based phylogeny.

*leans over and whispers to person beside me* what are they talking about

*leans over and whispers back*  Human ability to quantify and categorize natural phenomena is sketchy at best and wildly misleading at worst

consider the coconut

this reminds me of that time Plato defined humans as “featherless bipeds” and Diogenes ran in with a plucked chicken screaming “BEHOLD A MAN!”

i love how you say “it reminds me of that time” like you were there.

listen if an immortal feels brave and supported enough to come out we should respect them

Thank you.






shoppers’ immediate response to the violent event ‘absolutely slowed’
investigation as it left authorities scanning through surveillance tapes
in pursuit of the single armed attacker.

few innocent yet armed individuals were eventually weeded out as
suspects, amid the several hour-long investigation which began Wednesday
night and into Thursday morning.

police spokesperson confirmed after the building had been deemed ‘safe
enough’ to enter, officials quickly began examining footage from inside
the supermarket, according to The Denver Post.

when we started noticing that a number of individuals had pulled
weapons,’ said Victor Avila, who works in part for the Thornton Police

‘At that point, as soon as
you see that, that’s the one you try to trace through the store, only to
maybe find out that’s not him, and we’re back to ground zero again,
starting to look again. That’s what led to the extended time.‘”

Oh! Oh, do I understand correctly that none of these innocent yet armed individuals went on to shoot the actual shooter? I feel faint with surprise

I am shocked. Stunned even. You mean all of those good guys with a gun didn’t do a damned thing. Quick, I need my smelling salts. 

Oh but they COULD have done something!!! They VERY EASILY could have mistaken EACH OTHER as the Active Shooter and started a full blown firefight AMONGST THEMSELVES/Arriving Police.

The longer this infantile attidute about guns persists? The more shit like this is gonna happen and, INEVITABLY, SOMBODIE is going to pull a trigger. Then? Once THAT kind of adrenaline fueled/panic stricken shit STARTS? Luck/Fate will be the ONLY thing that determines who/how many get hurt or die.

You mean to tell me that not only did these people with guns not instantly fix the situation like the NRA and Rupublicans love to say they would, but they actually made it worse and weren’t American heroes ? NO WAY!

The point about mistaking each other for the suspect and causing a live fire fight is worth emphasizing. It is also worth emphasizing that they might have had police confuse them for the suspect and execute lethal force. So too is it true that they could have hit civilians without any protections. Also, they could increase hostility, because if an armed assailant walks into a location intent on shooting people, and sees an armed aggressor, he will retaliate with likely more force, even more greatly agitated. A visible gun will absolutely escalate the situation for someone whose emotions are already in a frenzy.

Arming civilians against other civilians when we have dozens of law enforcement organizations in this country costing billions in tax-payer dollars. Either we have decided there is law and order and those whose job it is to impartially deal with it…or we haven’t.

Less guns obtained or obtainable means less problems, period. I cannot see how that doesn’t make sense.

Walmart shoppers drew their own handguns during Colorado shooting





I wonder if one of the causes of animosity towards “entitled millennials” is that many millennials are poor people who look rich.  There’s this growing class of people who wear nice clothes, have fancy new electronic gadgets, go out to eat nice food… and will never own a home or have a retirement fund or put a child through college.

It’s so easy to say “if you cut down on the avocado toast maybe you could save up”, and so hard to accept that a house these days is fifty thousand avocado toasts, and that’s why so many of us have just given up.  We don’t treat ourselves because we think the world will take care of us when we get older; we treat ourselves because we know it won’t.  Might as well feel and look good on the way down.

Good post. Good logic. Like, if I can save 10k a year by scrimping and being as miserly as possible, and therefore be able to buy a house in 30 years…yeah, I’m just gonna spend my 30 years being happy instead. Like, I’m definitely putting some money into my savings, but what’s the point when everything is so unattainably expensive?

Furthermore, the technological tools that millennials use daily, such as cell phones, are seen as luxury items by older geneations because those were luxury items back then. But technology changes. Cell phones used to require their own backpack, but now they fit in your back pocket. Over time, technology becomes more accessible and more affordable. Cell phones and the Internet are not so much luxuries anymore as they are necessities.

We need the Internet to apply to those retail amd fast food jobs everyone seems to think should barely pay minimum wage. We need cell phones so that we can be contacted about those minimum wage jobs. Land lines still exist, but they are becoming a thing of the past. Cheap smart phones and data plans exist and more expensive phones can be financed for around $20/month.

“When I was young, we didn’t have…” You can finish that sentence with cars, CD players, Bluray, color TV, the Internet, cell phones, Facebook…the list goes on and on. Having items that weren’t available in the past does not necessarily mean they are still luxury items today. And just because something was afforable in the past, doesn’t mean it is afforable or even available now as some technology dies out. Buying a house is not a necessity but a luxury–and it always has been–but it is not a luxury I desire. Houses are expensive and biying and selling property is a hassle I actually want to avoid. And there is nothing wrong with that.

TL;DR Society changes. Prices, accessibility, and necessities change. That’s okay. So let’s stop harrassing millennials and put that energy towards important things like providing access to good education and stable jobs that pay a living wage. Maybe then millennials might desire owning a house to eat their avocado toast in.

Reblogging with especial emphasis on the “daily parts of 2010’s life are seen as extravagance because they used to be luxury items” (like cel phones.) I think it’s taking a long time for the semiotics of that to catch up with reality.

Also, speaking of avocado toast, I will never get over the idea that anyone thought a healthy meal that costs $4 to make is the height of extravagance. It doesn’t even have any animal products.

This was true of every technological advance ever. Do you know how rich you had to be to have two radios? And how much animosity that would engender in your neighbors? If you had a washing machine, one day not too long ago, you were seen as living extravagantly. Was a time that if you had purple clothes, you were likely royalty, because only they could afford it. until some young whipper snapper invented a synthetic purple dye and suddenly everyone could wear purple for the first time. Was about a solid thirty years in which purple and fuchsia were everywhere.

My point is to suggest that this always happens.

There is nothing wrong with millennials.

simon why are you only eating hummus,

You meant to say HUMMUS…Pardon me. I thought it was a typo. Presumed you meant “humans” but were trying to be silly (”hoomuns”) and were auto-corrected.

I was terribly confused.

This reminds me of one of the funniest jokes I ever did hear. Someone told it to me about fifty years ago and I’ve never forgotten it.

Late one night, a group of monks are sitting silently at their desks, carefully and painstakingly copying new manuscripts from ancient Latin tomes. Each man moves in cautious slowness, carefully moving letter by letter to translate the texts. Candles flicker. Paint pots are refilled by mute dedicants. The light flickers as each man blinks in the dimness, set upon pursuing his holy task. Of a sudden, one monk in the back of the room leaps to his feet with a great whoop! He begins dancing around the desks, laughing and clapping and shouting nonsense. The other monks are terrified; has the man been taken by the Holy Spirit or the Devil? What is this mischief?

Suddenly the monk takes a deep breath and bellows, “All along…it was CELEBRATE!”

Hahahahahaha…Gets me every time.

“Celebrate”, you see…instead of “celibate”.

Good yes?

Anyway, I am not fond of hummus. I have had some I like, pure and home made, but I personally do not buy it from the store and believe there are better ways of preparing legumes.

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