Hi friend! Today has been rough, but oh well. Hope you had a good day.

You aren’t dead, so all in all, it’s been a day.

Good and bad are human creations. Better said would be “today was a day that did not align with my expectations.” And well…so what. The universe is indifferent and cold.

Any day is better than the alternative, I think. That’s simply how I have to think about it when a Day happens to me, rather than with me.

Apologies. I am in a philosophical mood.







debate: is a really long sword-length but still otherwise knife-like knife valid to be considered a knife, or is it now a sword because it’s long


It’s a knword and it’s Valid

I don’t wanna like Kill The Joke but this brings up a really cool fact about swords in ~14th-16th century Germany! The only people who were allowed to own Real Swords were the royalty and nobility BUT! Everyone else was allowed to own knives. The definition of a knife, however, was based on not length but handle construction, and to some extent how it was sharpened. The handle had to be constructed Like So with 2 pieces of wood sandwiching the metal tang.

Only one edge was allowed to be sharpened, but oftentimes a small part (a couple inches) of the short edge (e.g. the edge that wasn’t sharp) would be sharpened, and weapon design often allowed for this

In this way, something that looked like This, a messer of just over a meter in length…

…would be legally considered a knife, and therefore allowable for non-nobility to possess. (you can also see the bit on the back of the tip that would be sharpened)

So @swordmutual, there’s a not definitive but certainly interesting historical perspective on your question

Has @petermorwood seen this?


Laughing at a fat person at the gym is like laughing at an injured guy in the ER.

Actually…it’s more like being an unredeemable bag of dog excrement. A bit more obnoxious than equating a person’s weight with injury.

People go to the gym to improve themselves however it is that they wish to do that. Let’s focus on that, instead of passing negative value judgements on their condition even as we try to defend them from bullying, shall we?


im in philosophy and were talking about how you can doubt everything’s existence except for your own consciousness and the guy that sits in front of me just turns around tears streaming down his face and goes “i am on so many drugs”

Ah existentialism.

what are your thoughts on veganism?

All diets have consequences to health. As long as they are honest about those and don’t try to press their beliefs on to others, I have no trouble with them. The minute one of them spouts scientifically inaccurate information without suffering correction, or attempts to tell me why people who eat meat are comitting a grave sin, I lose my patience with them.

And the ones who come to me and tell me why I’m an evildoer for eating humans are so ridiculous as to earn my absolute scorn, however politely I choose to phrase it.

But this is true of any diet. I don’t tolerate carnivores or omnivores to make fun of vegans without learning about their own dietary consequences.

I think my dietary consequences are well-known and unworthy of discussion.

As for their food, some of it is lovely, but to me it all feels too light and too much like eating a salad, which I cannot do, for fear of recklessly slaughtering everyone around me. But as side dishes, I’ve no complaints.


After all that avocado talk, I was craving guacamole, and guess what my sibling decided to make, without me every mentioning it? Guacamole! They took this picture for me to send in to you (and brag about their guacamole skills). They also wanted me to tell you that they eat lemons like apples, and want to know your thoughts on that.


Some people do that. Some people find lemons sweet. Also some lemon varietals are sweet.

Do what makes you happy.

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