she should have been rewarded.

Y’all got sources?

yeah so more information about this woman who leaked important information pertaining russia’s involvement in the election: 

Her name is “Reality Leigh Winner” and she was a NSA Contractor. She passed a top secret NSA document to a news source (an article from The Intercept) that contains information about a Russian cyber-attack with one voting machine DAYS before the 2016 presidential election. This is considered the most detailed piece of proof regarding Russia’s interference with the elections to date. 

Here’s how the NSA document described how the Russians did the hacking: 

“As described by the classified NSA report, the Russian plan was simple: pose as an e-voting vendor and trick local government employees into opening Microsoft Word documents invisibly tainted with potent malware that could give hackers full control over the infected computers.

But in order to dupe the local officials, the hackers needed access to an election software vendor’s internal systems to put together a convincing disguise. So on August 24, 2016, the Russian hackers sent spoofed emails purporting to be from Google to employees of an unnamed U.S. election software company, according to the NSA report. Although the document does not directly identify the company in question, it contains references to a product made by VR Systems, a Florida-based vendor of electronic voting services and equipment whose products are used in eight states.

The spear-phishing email contained a link directing the employees to a malicious, faux-Google website that would request their login credentials and then hand them over to the hackers. The NSA identified seven “potential victims” at the company. While malicious emails targeting three of the potential victims were rejected by an email server, at least one of the employee accounts was likely compromised, the agency concluded. The NSA notes in its report that it is “unknown whether the aforementioned spear-phishing deployment successfully compromised all the intended victims, and what potential data from the victim could have been exfiltrated.”

So instead of having Trump and his entire party removed, they gon throw home girl in jail and try to act like none of this happened.

Her name, Reality Winner, is ironic in this context.

Not what I normally ask, but I was hoping I could get some advice if you have the time. I’ve been at the same job for the last 10 years, but for the last year and a half it’s been taking a toll on my mental health. I want to resign, but I’ve had no luck getting a replacement job and only have enough money saved to last about a month without a job. But it also feels kind of petty to complain about, when if I just stay at least I’m making enough that I can help out other people

You need to take up secondary job hunting as a hobby. Explain to your dependents that you may no longer be able to assist them for a time. You need to have a firm foundation of yourself or there will be no safety for any of you.

If you cannot find work, take up self improvement

What is your species called? I didn’t realize it was one that was written about.



We don’t have a name, but it is my contention that it is the source behind every monster, demon, ghoul, or mysterious disappearance that can be named. So anything pertaining to the most common myths – vampires, ghouls, demons, so forth, I generally keep a kind of awareness of where the stories are traveling in popular culture. I discuss this in my book.

We keep calling every Unidentified/Possible Monster a Simon and that doesn’t work well.

‘There’s either a pissed raccoon or a Simon outside. Either way, I’m gonna throw something at it.’

‘Are they human, or are they simon? Their skin is greyish, their claws are cold! And I’m on my knees, looking for the answer, are they human, or are they Simon?’

It’s charming I’ve become the emblem of my species, but that is rather like taking the Buddha as an emblem for all of humanity when the average is decidedly less educated or admirable.

I realize that sounds arrogant, but I’m attempting to say that I am an extreme outlier and do not count. I am the Cruptids Georg of the species. So this is why I call them “cousins” or monsters.

So, I had a dream that I met you in a supermarket? At first I only saw you from the back so idk exactly how I was sure that it was you, but then I approached you and hesitantly asked “…Simon?” You immediately looked extremely annoyed that you were being recognized while shopping, so I assured you, “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna get all fanatical on you. I’m just wondering if you know where the chips are in this store because I can’t find them for the life of me.” Then we both laughed.

Must be the “hair”. I doubt I’d be annoyed. I’d probably actually worry that I might eat you in the rush of worry.





Don’t disrespect Halloween!

I really love black people yo

1. Naruto is there, which I expected and was not let down.
2. The smile of the guy in the Tigger costume is healing.
3. The way he puts his hands up in fear but starts immediately with the beat.
4. The song itself.
5. I’m talking so calmly so I don’t absolutely lose my fucking mind yelling about this.

Simon, could you eat my abuser for me, he has a 90% chance of walking free in less than two weeks and I’d rather him not hurt anyone else.


I am sorry about that. I have a strict policy regarding that sort of thing. I am bound by my territory, and pardon me, but I do think you’re strong enough to survive this person.

I would like to reassert that I am a person. To be asked to perform some function in your life that is not of my choosing when I don’t know you, is slightly hurtful to me.

“I need to move! I’ll phone that man from work who has a truck” Never mind not knowing his name or ever speaking to him.

I recognize that you are afraid and that you have suffered, but please do respect the fact that I am a person and making your safety my responsibility even as a joke, is stressful to me.

If you’ll message me in private I can perhaps acquaint you with resources near you that can help you. As a friend, because I am able.

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