people run “aesthetic blogs” where they just reblog pics of like neon lights and pools of water and weird textures and stuff and i don’t really get it but i like to look at those blogs, it’s nice to know that you guys are out there, always silent, never getting into fights, just reblogging pics of wrinkled plastic bags… keep doing ur thing



no offense but people who consistently buy the newest iphones the day they come out emanate a very unsettling energy… capitalism has such a strong grip on them i just want to help set them free

I just wanna rob them.


You made an appearance in my dream last night! This was one of those ones where I play a character, not myself, but basically it was the 50’s, I was some Peggy Carter-esque military person, and I came across you at a table playing cards with Van Gogh, who had a bunch of photocopies of his self portrait laying around. I had a few minutes of conversation with you (I don’t remember what about) and it caused me to quit the military and go live in a slam poetry commune in the mountains.

That is…very bohemian of me. Something I never thought I’d say.


Is delicious.

I have now had two bottles of Riesling. I am happy with that. I highly recommend it for your turkey feasts, as it will go well with a turkey, provided salty enough.

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