They put a lead apron on me.

*laughs madly*

That’s precious.

It’s terribly comfortable. I wonder if I can get one of these things for other purposes. I was always very fond of my mail shirt. This is heavy and comforting in a way.

You know, there really is something comforting about 30 pounds of chainmail. 

It sounds weird, but Simon’s right, there really is. 

Maybe it’s simply knowing that you’ve got 30 pounds of metal between your soft tender bits and any sharp pointy things people would try to poke into your soft tender bits. 

Having been stabbed, shot with arrows, and almost skewered with a sword…oh and also shot, I can attest that this has something to do with it, yes.

Oh yes they definitely sell weighted blankets, it seems to help with anxiety and other things!

I want a chainmail shirt.

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