Do you find it easier or harder to deal politely with stupid people when you literally don’t have the option of physically overpowering them? Like by phone or online.


I don’t tend to think of it in that way.

For me, the intellect is a saving grace. It’s the thing that I prize most, but at the same time, I prize it because I’ve experienced reality without it. I have tremendous sympathy for people who haven’t had the exposure, nutrition, education and so forth. I have a great deal of capacity to cope with that. What I cannot abide is arrogance. It’s fine to not know. It’s not fine to presume that no one else can know, because you don’t.

The difficulty is that arrogance protects the ego from the chaos of ignorance. And so it so often goes hand in hand.

So over the years I’ve developed a number of ways to work around such things and educate the person either on the issue or how to manage arrogance.

Dearest Simon, some part of my brain has settled itself on losing in a fight with you. My honor would dictate that this must be a fair fight, a struggle without tricks or safeties. Is this a lethal pursuit, or are you amicable to sparring with friendly albeit slightly dim mortals?

Sparring usually doesn’t end well. I have excellent self-control. I feel confident in saying that. However, one should not push one’s limits when one is dealing with a friend. I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone.






Did i ever tell y’all the story of how one year my family picked up a hitchhiker in the middle of nowhere (like you do) and just..drove him to my grandma’s house for thanksgiving and he stayed with us for the whole weekend and my grandmere was So concerned that like…he wasn’t getting enough food she made a whole extra pie and pierogies just for him, ofc some to take on the way back. And he just ate with us like the 12+ ppl that consist of my family and dave who we picked up from the road. Now this man had. Nothing on him except his clothes and wallet like no backpack…nothing. so she also gave him some of my grandpa’s clothes and it was a little awkward but he was nice and funny and at the end of the weekend we offered to take him back or anywhere he needed to go (mind you we drove him like…7 hours away from where we picked him up) and he was just like…“nah just drop me off where you found me” and so we did and i never saw or heard from him again and thats how im pretty sure i met an immortal

@ fae side of tumblr please explain what kind of deity i interacted with

I’m pretty sure your family is the fae in this situation


It was my cousin. You were polite. Good thing, or he might have eaten you.

I am unemployed, having quit my physically demanding job due to what seems to be a stomach ulcer, living on my own with $500 rent, also paying gas and electric, with only $1000. I am really worried about all of this. I’m also worried about working for a fast food restaurant, because I have before and fell into a deep depression after that. I have 3 or 4 applications in currently, but what do I do if they don’t hire me? Please help. I don’t want charity, but I also don’t know what to do.

Focus on being hired. Also, look into medical disability, SSI.

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