So the physical book you published, is it just one of the three you already published online as a physical book or is it an entirely new fourth book?

I published two books and a collection of interactive short stories on the Tapas App.

Now those are coming out in ebook and print form. The books are both out in ebook and print. The short stories are coming out in ebook format on a monthly basis. They will be out in print as soon as I can finish this bloody short that has turned into a novel, because I’m terrible at shutting up, apparently, which is amusing to me given how long I’ve spent collectively in my existence, not saying anything.

I’ve digressed…

Yes, so the shorts will be out some time next year in a volume, likely only the first, if I continue to write shorts.

During this month, the first book is going to be split up into its four original parts and re-debuted in ebook form. Why? Because it’s a long damn book that was never meant to be one, and I thought it might be better to offer the stupid thing cut into pieces than as a solid massive file of text.

I’m simply trying to make the information easier for you to obtain, in any way or means you wish to obtain it. This is an experiment, after all. I have never profited from it in any monetary sense and likely never shall, because I don’t fancy myself the sort of talent that spreads in such a way…

It could also be that I spend a lot of time telling people that they’ve been idiots and refusing to offer them any romantic (in the poetic sense) involvement with me or my history. There’s no teenage girl about to become my bride, no nefarious magical mayhem to escape. There’s no plot of any kind, because I’m a living being and lives don’t have plots. It’s boring and counter to all the sorts of “fiction” humans consume. So I don’t expect it to ever become a best seller.

I’ve rambled again.


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