(1)Hey Simon, shoulder surgery anon here, I was wondering if you had gotten my last asks about my fears… I know they wound up being very long and I’m sorry for that. I also wanted to let you know what my doc said at my appointment yesterday… He is still unsure about what is actually wrong with my left shoulder, since that cyst hasn’t caused nerve damage it’s most likely not the source of my pain. He’s sending me to have another MRI, this time a closed one with contrast, but is giving me

Exploratory surgery.

And Yes, I responded to all your asks.

Valium will keep you calm. And just because the cyst hasn’t caused nerve damage doesn’t mean it won’t cause pain. There’s something growing in your joint. This causes all sorts of sensations, including pain. I know, because that is precisely what happened to my thumb, except that the thing growing in my joint was a fragment of bone growing in at an odd angle. It too did not sever a nerve, but it was pressing on the joint and completely immobilizing it.



I have had four bottles of wine tonight.

That’s all.

I am feeling very clear-headed. Very focused. Very precise. I’ve also eaten a prodigious amount of food. I am a living god.

No really. I had another of those “miracle” hand-eye coordination moments again tonight. It was fantastic.

It’s silly, I know, to measure myself by a standard other than my own, but I swear to you, sometimes my senses seem utterly out of this world and I feel… somewhat odd, to note it. Guilty, I suppose is the word. Ashamed to be me. I shouldn’t feel that, I know. I’m working on it, but dealing with you people all the time, I suppose it’s a foregone conclusion.

what’s the point of being a living god if you can’t perform a fucking miracle every now and again, eh?

at least your miracles of agility are impressive, mine just leave the people in my life very concerned for my long-term well being

also you can’t mention your brilliant hand-eye coordination and then not tell us what you did how dare

I caught a grouping of items that were knocked off a table about three feet off the ground. And I didn’t catch them all at once. I caught, replaced, caught, replaced.

It was glorious seeing the look on the waitresses face.

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