*sigh* Funeral Anon here. Thank you for the hug, but I should have stayed home from the funeral. There was so much in the sermon about “forgiveness” that was absolutely toxic, and I couldn’t leave bc I was in the front row. This was the murder of a good man that happened about a week ago btw, and the pastor was saying to let it go, talking about Jesus doing that while being nailed to the cross in graphic detail. Add on my mother not coping well w/ my bored 5-year-old bro and it sucked so much.

I can imagine. Forgiveness has always been taught so wrongly. Forgiveness is earned, like respect. We don’t just hand it out like candy. Here, you’ve hurt me, so please have this feee and without any work from you? How silly.

Coping, dealing, forgetting…those are all how people handle grief. Forgiveness cannot truly be had without the guilty party professing some sort of accountability. At least not by my reckoning.

Personal feeling.

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