Simon!! I know i can’t enter the contest but check these out!! I couldn’t find any clawed gloves I liked so I made these! They’re drying right now.


They look positively horrifying!

Halloween Contests



My gentle readers know I’m quite partial to this season. I’ve gone on and on about how it’s the one time of year I get to be myself with convenience, thanks to your modern holidays. It’s also the time of snacks and treats. But most importantly to me…

It’s the date the experiment began: Halloween, 2011.

So I’d like to have a bit of a virtual party, as big as the internet will allow! To that end, there will be several components, including prizes!


Costume Contest:

To enter, just submit to my blog, a (URL signed) picture of your costume, your child’s costume, your photo from your party, whatever you like (do keep it safe for work). Add the tag “Simon’s Halloween costume contest” at the bottom. The entries will be upvoted by readers in the form of likes. The one with the most likes will win. I will accept one child and one adult winner.

The prize for the adult will be one of my books, signed and a small costume item for future contests. For the child, a Pocket Simon™.


Pumpkin Carving Contest:

Submit to this blog a picture of your carving signed with your URL, and some proof of the date in the photo such as that day’s newspaper or a written sign, so that it is obvious it is your work. Please include the tag “Simon’s Carving Contest”. The prize will be a signed book and something fun.


Candy Contest:

Submit to my blog a picture of your holiday treats, sign them with your URL and tag them “Simon’s Candy Contest”. These too will be upvoted by readers. If you would like to post a video of someone tasting your treat, that is also acceptable! Merely post it to your own blog and submit the link to the post as above rules state.

The prizes will be a signed book and special food-related treat from me. No, not a body part. Something safe for you to eat. It’s a surprise.

The deadline for the contests is November 1. Voting will take place as soon as I post your submissions, and the tags will be used to help voters, so do be sure to tag your submissions properly. Obviously, the longer your costume is in the mix, the more you have an advantage. 

Anyone may enter, so do feel free to reblog this to your followers.

No entries so far…

All those prizes going to waste. How tragic.

Simón I have a question about cannibalism and human meat in general, how do we taste? In humans, are women or men most common to practice cannibalism from a biological point of view? Different people from different continents or countries vary a lot in flavour? Or if two people completely different countries eat the SAME all their life, would they taste the same?

See my FAQ. I do believe I discuss some of that there. Genetics has as much to do with flavor as diet so I doubt two entirely different people would taste identical with the same diet.

Also I’m not an expert in cannibalism.

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