UN Ambassador Nicky Haley—the Trump supporter who told the victims of the shooting during Iran’s recent parade to “look in the mirror” if they wanted to know why their loved ones had died senselessly—is resigning.

Good riddance.

Also, important advice when choosing a name: GOOGLE IT BEFORE YOU START SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING IT. There’s a bunch of people out there who share names with horrible human beings, and they can’t help it because they were given those names before they were tainted. Also, you don’t want to be surprised by finding out your name means “ass” in Cantonese or something. Informed choices are important; once you know, you can decide if you think it’s worth it.

I’ve laughed many a time at some of the names I’ve heard.

as someone who chose my own name, i have a little advice for the anon that asked about choosing a name: relax, don’t rush, and choose something that feels right, even if other people may not have chosen it! I remember when I asked my friends’ opinions, a lot of them liked the name Avery, but I ended up choosing something different, and I don’t regret it! :) i wish u the vey best luck, anon, and feel free to send me an ask/message if you’d like!!

In the modern context, Avery sounds too much like “aviary”. If you like being a house for birds, then it suits, if not…in actual meaning though…

Avery is a name that used to be given to us. It traces its roots to Old High German, the “elven counselor” . I’m not making that up.

Crazy Yearbook Quotes From Students Back in 1911






These alarming and quirky yearbook quotes are found inside Spokane High’s Class of 19111, which include some pretty bizarre ambitions. Some of them include “ambitions” of murdering the faculty and marrying a dwarf. Take a look at their perplexing words below.

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this is wonderful but i urge everybody to check out the original for more gems such as


its refreshing to know that we were and will always be little shits

Let 👏 Alice 👏 Winslow 👏 Rest 👏

abortion that late should 🚫❌












I did not know that in 7 states in America, you can carry out an abortion the day before you give birth (allows abortion at any time). That’s so fucking disgusting. And other states allow abortion up to 28 weeks. That’s not a ball of cells no more, that’s a damn baby. It’s good that abortion is legal but not the fucking late into the pregnancy 😷😷 nasty

You do know the reason abortion is carried out that late in a pregnancy is because of fetal abnormalities, right? There’s no woman that stays pregnant for 8 months and then decides “Meh, I’m just gonna have an abortion instead.”

These women are not nasty, they are not evil, they are women who were so excited to welcome their little one into this world. They are women who had a nursery set up and baby clothes bought. They are women who excitedly waited for their due date, took belly photos and updated the world on how their pregnancy was coming along. They are the women who woke up one day and felt that their baby wasn’t moving anymore. They are the women that felt in their gut that something was terribly wrong, just to have their worst fears confirmed.

They are the women who went to a regular checkup to find out that their baby is severely deformed and won’t live outside the womb, or will but only for a few days and suffer terribly the whole time. They are the women who have to make a decision to not let their baby suffer.

Women having abortions that late are not women who just decided to get an abortion 8 months into pregnancy. While that is there right to do so, know that isn’t what happens. Know that that isn’t the reality.

This is really upsetting to read but it is the truth, more people need to know this.

Something like 90% of abortions are first trimester, which is so early that the medical terminology vacillates between “zygote” and “fetus”, and whatever the name, the thing’s the size of a pencil eraser and has 0% ability to survive outside of the womb.

The remainder are performed in the 2nd trimester, generally as a result of fetal abnormality or a severe congenital defect.

The vanishingly rare 3rd trimester abortions are generally for one of two reasons:

1) the life of the mother is in serious danger
2) the fetus is either dead or dying

So no. Women aren’t just bouncing on coat-hangers at 37 weeks for a giggle, they’re undertaking a serious medical procedure for a heartbreaking reason.

But nice try, jerk.



Banning a D&C at later points also forces a woman to carry a dead fetus within her, full term. Even if it endangers her life (or, possibly, the life of a still-developing twin).  Because some men think human woman are the same as pigs and cows, and should behave accordingly.

I’ve known someone in the position of carrying a dead fetus in her body. The kid had a name and a crib and handmade blankets and a mountain of toys. There were baby showers and a little plastic bath thing and those toys that are supposed to make baby smart. There was even a special backpack for taking the kid hiking.

If the first doctor she saw had listened to her, all that stuff might even have gotten used. But instead, the kid died that night. Her mother carried a corpse in her uterus for 3 days, running a horrible fever and coming close to organ failure.

So go fuck yourself if you think she should have died with the kid. Pro life, my big round ass.

These fucks know nothing. They don’t understand that late abortions are 100% unwanted and break the mother’s heart.

They’re so self-righteous and self-absorbed they are incapable of putting themselves in the woman’s shoes.

It’s part of the propaganda war against abortion. The “selfish slut who can’t be bothered to be pregnant and doesn’t care about the baby she’s killing” is easy to demonize and people have no problem denying her an abortion. The fact that she doesn’t exist is incidental.

A woman I know recently had to carry a baby to term, because my Mediterranean, highly Catholic bullshit country has illegal abortion still. Her baby was developing without any brain tissue, and she found this out during her second trimester. She had to carry an essentially brain dead child for five more months, growing larger and larger like nothing was wrong, smiling and fielding questions from those not in the know about gender, due date, all the congratulations that must have hurt so much. She gave birth, and the baby died minutes later. They didn’t even babtise it on time, so now it’s buried in unconsecrated soil, too. Because she obviously didn’t suffer enough.

Now she’s on suicide watch. I hope that makes you feel REAL.good. that no abortion took place.

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