California ballot measure to reintroduce rent control met with millions in opposition from Wall Street landlords



California is one of the hot-zones
in the world’s urban housing crisis, driven by a combination of
opposition to highrise/high-density living and the mass purchase of
foreclosed properties following the 2008 crisis by giant Wall Street
landlords who have steadily ratcheted up rents
and evictions in a big to safeguard the flow of payments to bondholders
who get a share of the rents extracted from struggling tenants living
in dangerous, substanding housing.

California’s cities have different policy levers they can yank on to
address this: zoning changes, commuter rail, school spending. But one
lever that cities have relied upon since the beginning of modern urban
government is missing: rent control. California state law forbids rent
control on single-family homes; and apartments build after 1995.

A ballot measure, Prop 10, will allow cities to impose rent controls on
all rental stock, allowing voters a say in the way that their cities are
developed. But the giant hedge funds that own hundreds of thousands of
California rental properties are pumping millions more into
scare-campaigns intended to convince voters to oppose Prop 10.

Blackstone, the largest private equity firm in the world, is
California’s biggest corporate landlord, with 127,000 single-family
homes in its “portfolio.” They’re responsible for $6,859,747 in
anti-Prop-10 spending, part of the $45m attack on the proposition.

Landlords across California have sent eviction notices to their tenants
giving them 60 days to leave; other have announced massive rent
increases – and tenants have been notified that these will be cancelled
only if Prop 10 fails.

Fucking greedy bastards

There’s also a measure on some ballots to charge a $7/square foot tax on marijuana growing.

So it’s legal…but completely financially impossible.

I wish I could put into words

The sheer volume of meat I’ve consumed in the past 48 hours. I’d give you a measurement but I’m afraid I didn’t stop to assess.

I can tell you that it’s had me processing my guts at top speed. I’ll retain that euphemism, if you please. Let’s not be crass. But, in the future, when I say “I’ve produced more poignant garbage from my back end”, I want you to know it’s entirely true.

Thank you. That concludes today’s interlude into toilet humor. May we never speak of this depravity again. It’s undignified.

I made apple butter today. Its a lot easier than folks think as long as there’s a crockpot involved.


Pictures or nothing happened!!! I require proof!


Is it ok to vent? Because if so, I need to get stuff out there. I just found out that my friend wholly supports Kavanaugh after they messaged me regarding something I reposted… the argument ended in them denying facts and making every excuse in the book for him, and finally basically saying that I was a disgrace to my gender for daring to support Ford. I feel like shit, like I’ve lost my faith in everything. I don’t know whether to block them or to just continue on like nothing happened…

Anyone who’d call someone a “disgrace to their gender” clearly has bought into the social hierarchy of gender, I’d say! Well done! You’ve managed to cleanse your life of someone who’d support someone theyve never met and completely ignore your feelings about having someone on the Supreme Court who directly challenges your rights. Good riddance! Happy day.

I’d also say that someone who could do what you describe is probably not interested in your feelings. They have their mind made up.

You know how there used to be a Facebook app called “Unbaby Me” which would turn all pictures of babies into pictures of cats? I’m starting to wish there was one for political posts. I need a fucking break. I know it’s important but I’m sick & tired of the hypocrisy on BOTH sides. (I know a LOT of racist, homophobic, & transphobic DEMOCRATS, for instance. And there’s the fact they refuse to acknowledge Bill Clinton’s a RAPIST!) I just need a rest to keep my sanity.

I hate to point this out, because frankly I’m sick of having to do so, but just because both sides do it, doesn’t mean it’s fine, doesn’t. What’s one sided hypocrisy. Humans are flawed and largely average their IQ’s whenever in groups larger than one.

What I am trying to say is that your systems will always be flawed, but it’s up to the ones who say “I can’t choose a side because they’re both awful” to do something about it. If you can complain, then you can fix it, or at least you seem smart enough to, being that you can be objective. If you can’t change things, well, then I suppose you’ll come to a better understanding of how it became so fucked up in the first place.

There is no break from politics. Not when people’s lives are in very real jeopardy. There’s no walking away from a fight that takes up every facet of your life. Clinton being a rapist doesn’t make Kavannaugh less of one. That both parties house disgusting men willing to compromise a woman, ought to tell you now more than ever, that the cause is real, that men have too much privilege, and that it ought to be time to do something about it.

People cannot access medications, families can’t earn a living wage, those who should bear the highest social burden shift it to those who ought to be exempt, children kept in cages, wars over oil and trade deals, starvation when there’s no cause for it, refusal to acknowledge climate change…I’m sorry, but there is no turning a blind eye to that without being a hypocrite yourself.

So…both sides do it. So what are you doing to stop it? How do you intend to hold them accountable!

I hope you take this in the spirit that is given, as a call to action and not an insult. I am not upset with you I’m simply pointing out that recognizing hypocrisy does nothing to solve it.

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