Meet Helen, 5, detained by Trump, forced to sign away her rights in court.


“On Helen’s form, which was filled out with assistance from
officials, there is a checked box next to a line that says, “I withdraw
my previous request for a Flores bond hearing.” Beneath that line, the
five-year-old signed her name in wobbly letters.”

What the Trump administration is doing to these thousands of children is morally repulsive. We have to stop it.

Here’s an excerpt from a New Yorker feature
on Helen, “a smart, cheerful five-year-old girl” seeking asylum from
Honduras. She ends up in court, separated from her parents. The
organization helping her is, and you should support their work.

Ao3 is a fanfic archive that was started after pretty much all gay and nsfw (even the normal kind) was purged from the existing archive sites, based on a mass reporting by conservative Christian groups. It’s not child fucking porn, that’s against the tos of ao3. The organization that also runs ao3 does preserving and archiving of old fan content and sites as well so it really is the equivalent of burning the fanwork library of Alexandria


glad to know my blog has become the site of the adjudication of a fanfic site’s merits.










I honestly don’t know how to tell you these shocking facts but fucked up things in stories were not invented by AO3

I literally saw that someone replied to a post that talked about content in public libraries saying that that content should be regulated as well and Im just like when your statement can’t be distinguished from something a Southern Baptist pastor would say you really need to take a hard look at what kind of belief system you’ve let yourself fall into.

Do people not know how dangerous it is to regulate content available at public libraries?

I don’t believe in the horseshoe theory in a broader sense, but it does seem to apply pretty well to Internet fandom specifically

As a librarian, I find this…concerning

Apparently they never went to a library and read Fahrenheit 451. Should probably definitely regulate that content.

But before we do that, there is one novel I’ve heard about that is absolutely subversive in every way, these people do all sorts of odd things sanctioned by their deity, and then their deity spawns a half human who can perform miracles and buck the state. He’s then tortured and becomes a zombie. There’s sex, racism, violence against all sorts, child murder, incest, monsters…it definitely needs censoring.

Not to be read by children.

This is deeply concerning, and I find it disturbing that I remember reading this book as a small child. Honestly, it’s just not fit for a functioning society. It could be taught constructively, at a graduate level possibly, but the work would have to be given proper context and corrected after its numerous mistranslations of mistranslations.

Absolutely. It really is quite dangerous. It’s leveled whole societies and been the justification for many a war.

Right, the point that libraries shouldn’t be censored is valid, but Ao3 is completely different within context. The fics aren’t an exploration of morals or a condemnation of violence, they’re porn. Ao3 was made to house the things that other fanfic sites couldn’t stomach, like written porn depicting extremely underage sexual abuse.

More than that, it’s got fantastic web design and has arguably the best user interface out of popular fanfiction sites. This means that a lot of fans flock to it, not just those seeking somewhere to get off to kids in pain. And a lot of those fans ARE young. It all comes together to form a really concerning enviornment.

Like, nobody’s arguing we burn down the Library of Alexandria. Written child porn in fandom is far too common, and it’s not a Southern Baptist ideal to want there to be ??? i dont know??? NOT that much widely accepted child porn in a space inhabited by people ranging from 13 to 100 (or more, i dont fuckin know you people) ??

Yes, Ao3 didn’t write these stories, but they have no moderation. That’s a pretty common standard in internet spaces that they’re missing. Saying “no child porn, please” really shouldn’t be this big of a conflict.

True. I confess I had no knowledge of what Ao3 was and presumed it to be something like a reddit or 4chan type place.





my mom just came to me and ranted about how everyone is making this facebook status that says, “raising teenagers is like nailing jello to a tree”. she was so baffled by this because she said, “you were pretty easy to raise as teenagers. all you did was sleep and eat.” 

so to prove some point she’s going to nail a small cup of jello to a tree. 

she’s so pleased with her self




parents are weird 

yeah but this is about as accurate as it gets.

you say “nail jello to a tree” and most people think jello all by itself.

but if you put any actual thought into what you’re doing and then give it just a little support

well gosh. look what happens.

please tell your mom good job.

a shitpost became a teachable moment

So which religion is the right one? Is it none? Surely you’ve seen enough by now to comment.

“Right”? What does that even mean? There is no “right”. There’s reality and there’s humans either being fair, honest, centered, or being selfish animals. Whatever religion you need to make you the former and not the latter, is the right one for you, insofar as it prevents you from pissing me off.

This is a harsh answer, but I feel rather harshly about it. I’ve seen far too much, as you’ve said, to ever put up with faith. I lived through witch trials, torture, mass executions, exiles, wars, invasions, hysteria, rituals, riots, and on and on. I have watched people put to death by being burned at the stake. I’ve seen people torn to pieces. I have watched women crushed, abused, and tormented. I’ve seen no miracles, nothing that would ever make me trust any deity that tolerates any of that nonsense when he supposedly could stop it.

There is no god and if there be one, he is a right bastard with whom I want no acquaintance. 

That is how I feel about it. You may have your own ways, but I swear to all of you now that if I ever catch someone being unkind out of their faith, there is nothing quite so disturbing and disgusting to me. I cannot tolerate it near me. Have your faith, but be better because of it, not worse. If worse, you’re a hypocrite and your faith is a lie. If worse, then I cannot conscience it. So have your faith. I’ll leave you to it. I won’t participate, though I won’t be rude. I won’t slander. I may give my thoughts, but only for the asking. Have your faith and stay my friend as it please you, but never use it for ill, because that is a twofold crime in my eyes, a double betrayal.

That’s how I feel about it. It’s what I’ve experienced. I hope that those of faith who are readers can understand my position and take no offense. I will never slander your faith though I may give facts to my knowledge and my own opinion on them. I will be as delicate in that pursuit as I can be. That I promise.

Other than that, I want no part of any human religion.

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