Hey Simon, I heard somewhere that it used to be common for people to walk toe first instead of heel first, like, before hard soles became common. Is that true? Because I’ve always found it more comfortable to walk on the ball of my foot, especially for longer distances. Trying strike with my heel for longer than 15 minutes makes the tops of my feet and the front of my ankles hurt. Im just curious as to if it was more common for people to walk like me in the past or if this gait was always weird.

Eh… I don’t t think that’s true unless you’re talking about the courtly gait. Perhaps in far-flung antiquity that was true, but not in my, more recent, experience of your aggregated DNA.

Hard soled shoes have actually been around for all of my memory. I cobbled them myself, to be precise.

Hey Simon, I’ve just realised just how many asks I’ve sent on anon, and I figure its about time to unmask myself, also to formally apoligise for the potentially invasive biology questions, I sent a good few of those, and I hope it didn’t come off as obsessive or invasive, I’m sorry if it did. Also, did that survey to take responses for the experiment ever get finalised? I feel like I also oughta formally throw my two cents in since I’m around here often enough.

The point of having a socially available public presence is to answer such questions. I’m not bothered by them at all.

I’m still working on the first. I’ve had a number of real world projects pop up and get in the way.

Simon I attempted to doodle you… I’m not sure how I feel about it yet…

– @drakeb137

Nor am I, if Im honest.
Good enough.

Good evening Simon! I was thinking about plans for dinner tomorrow, and I was wondering if you knew of any ways to stick ground meat together without changing the flavor? I have elk grind and want to make hamburgers with it, but it tends to crumble apart a bit when you cook it. Any ideas? Thank you for your time!

Add fat and a sticky protein. I’d suggest olive oil and an egg, but that tends to create something a little too moist. You might consider crumbling up a few crackers or chips or some sort of crunchy dry green like oats into the mix. Add seasonings and salt and pepper, though you won’t need many with elk, at the same time. you can scramble the egg and then use only a portion of it to keep the moisture down. Think of it like a meatloaf. Then make the patty, and cook it.

It will change flavor but not much.

Simon! Carved raw mango or slivers of raw mango are usually coated with salt and raw chilli powder mixed in an approximate ratio of 1:1 and sold fresh on the street during summers in India, a vendor’s basket typically looks like the picture above! especially in Southern India. The salt and chilli powder mixture can also be applied on cucumber and guava. The chilli-salt mixture is spread much more generously over the mango slice usually(coating the entire slice). This is generally given to pregnant women, though I don’t know the belief behind that. The slivers are usually wrapped up in newspaper and eaten on the spot before the mango or the cucumber starts exuding water. I also think this is a thing in some other parts of south east asia, maybe in Thailand and Indonesia. I remembered my childhood days when the anon had asked that question, so decided to submit the post since I wanted you to see the picture. It was my favourite snack in the summer months 🙂


That sounds wonderful. -S

Simon can you rate my cat?

– @dendritic-opal=>

I’ll leave this one to @sister-forget-me-not


(Cat ratings are closed)

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