do you have any browser extensions on your computer?

I…I am ashamed to say I have no idea what those are. I have heard of them, yes, but I don’t know how to tell or how to install them or whatever. 

All my technological wherwithall comes from my employee, You see I have a consultant who is very good at hacking. He tells me what to do with precise instructions and puts everything I need onto my computer. He gives me a basic understanding of how it works and then I use it in the prescribed method, otherwise my machines explode. So…

I have no idea.

I’m Old. This shit doesn’t make any sense to me. I’m afraid I’m of the contingent of people in all those fictional shows and movies who needs the ridiculously simplified metaphor to understand what they’re looking at. To me this is all magical and you’re the monsters who live in another dimension contiguous with ours.

I’m dying with laughter here. Okay, so there’s this woman running for city council, a real idiot who’s been caught out in a TON of lies, including the fact she is NOT an MIT graduate, yet claims she is, NOT a lifetime resident, & does NOT have the license she claims she has. Well, I called her out on all of this & more & one of her supporters found my YouTube video where I play Toto’s Africa on a kazoo & called me racist for it. Apparently they never heard of that song or the band Toto! *snorts*

Stupidity has the benefit of removing the wielder from any personal accountability. You see, they are too stupid to know they’ve done anything wrong, or if someone says they have, why it was so bad. No amount of educating a stupid person works, because they’re too stupid to grasp that humility is not the same as weakness.

They’ll go on, in their life, making all their faults everyone else’s problem, gleefully ignorant of the many ways they smash through the world making a mess of things for others.

How do you cope with this shit EVERY DAY Somebody wants to feed their ball python a vegan diet and mentioned their dogs already being on it and I brought up specific studies done and now I’m being spammed with messages about how vegan diets are better for dogs and I’m an idiot spouting fake news while I hold up a study from the FDA among other things and die inside

It takes a certain divorce with reality to ever imply that an animal evolved to consume flesh, whose teeth and bacterial flora are all evolved to consume it, who have innate hunting instincts because they evolved them, are better off ignoring all that because some idiotic human who doesn’t know a damn thing about DNA thinks they have the universe tied up with a bow.

I just think of them as pet chimpanzees. Or dinner. Grass fed is chic now.

Hey Simon, I’ve just realised just how many asks I’ve sent on anon, and I figure its about time to unmask myself, also to formally apoligise for the potentially invasive biology questions, I sent a good few of those, and I hope it didn’t come off as obsessive or invasive, I’m sorry if it did. Also, did that survey to take responses for the experiment ever get finalised? I feel like I also oughta formally throw my two cents in since I’m around here often enough.



The point of having a socially available public presence is to answer such questions. I’m not bothered by them at all.

I’m still working on the first. I’ve had a number of real world projects pop up and get in the way.

Ive sent a mass quantity of questions for the survey to Simon but more would be welcome!

If you have any questions that you think I should be asking the other gentle leaders, please do submit them to @work-anon

Hi Simon! It’s kind of funny, the ‘President’ is in my town, and I kind of hoped the traffic would cause me to miss school, but it didn’t. But now I’m weirdly anxious about him being in my town? So I have a question to try to take my mind off of it: have you ever gotten very frustrated over something you are normally able to operate?

all the time. Whenever I’ve eaten little and my electronics go haywire. That’s a lesson that’s been supplied to me in the last 150 years or so. Before that it was just navigating human society, and that remains a little troublesome

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